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Why am I training for a fitness competition??

Because I love being in amazing shape and well, because I want to! Simple enough!

Success Trains Failure Complains Quote

Seriously though, I get asked this question all the time and I actually ask myself this same question quite often, especially at this point in the training when I am up at 4:30 am most mornings to do 40 minutes of fasted cardio!

I have been an athlete my whole life (played club basketball from a young age, then switched to playing for an elite level club (winning Nationals my first year) volleyball team from Grade 10- 13/OAC and worked my butt off to earn myself a full volleyball scholarship to the University of Southern Mississippi).  I have always had the desire to work hard and see how far I could push myself.  That inner athlete and competitiveness will never go away! So for all of you who think I am crazy for training for a competition and pushing my body past where it wants to be perhaps this helps explains my love of training and pushing myself. I AM AN ATHLETE!

So why am I training for a competition?? Here are a few of the reasons why…

1. I LOVE WORKING OUT! And honestly if you don’t, you are missing out! If you need help finding motivation, I’d love to help you out with that 😉  I find that the best feeling is the way I feel after kicking my own butt and breaking a good sweat!

2. I always need to have a goal-Whether it’s a marathon, a photo shoot, a vacation where I want to look good in a bikini I MUST be training for something, otherwise what is the point?! April 27 is the date of my show in Montreal…and after that I will be setting a new goal!

3. I want to look the part-I am a personal trainer and who wants to train with someone who doesn’t look the part?? I have to stay in better shape than my clients otherwise I might lose them 😉 And how would I attract new clients if I wasn’t in great shape and wasn’t practicing what I preached?

4. I love challenges- What’s the biggest challenge when training for a competition? THE DIET! Bring it on, I am doing whatever it takes to get my body in the best shape possible, no cheating, no excuses, JUST DOING IT! And to those of you who think that it is an unhealthy diet, think again! I am eating clean and often and no junk food AT ALL! Yep no cheating for 3 months, try it! Sounds pretty healthy to me and my body LOVES me for it!

5. I like staying lean and seeing my body change- Training and dieting for a competition, my body changes on a weekly, and sometimes, daily basis.  Being a personal trainer, I know the effects a good weight training program and healthy eating can have on the body. But training for a competition is vastly different from general training due to the nature of the diet and intensity of training required of you daily regardless of how tired and run down you feel.  To see my body transform is not only fascinating, but motivating as well.  Seeing definition in my arms, abs and legs is very exciting and not something I see all the time, but it’s something that I am going to work very hard to try and maintain after the show.  It is seeing results that keeps me motivated and is going help me make it to the stage!

6. My clients are competing in their first fitness competition! I want to be there with them through the whole process and what better way to be there for them than to join them and compete as well! It’s going to be hard to hold back the tears on the day of the competition, I am already proud of how far they have come and can’t wait to see them in the best shape of their lives on stage (in a teeny tiny bikini and clear heels haha)!

7. The feeling of success at the end- My success is always relative to where I started.  The last time I did a figure competition I was just a girl wanting to check another item off of my bucket list and to learn what it takes to take my body to the next level, looking awesome in a skimpy two-piece bikini on stage infront of hundreds of people (scary to think about, I know).  Even though I did not place top 5, I successfully reached my goal and that felt AWESOME!  My progress was relative given where I started, however, not relative when I was on stage against women who had been competing in figure competitions for years.  I definitely fit in as a “figure competitor” and certainly belonged on stage with the others who also worked so hard.  Now, because of an awesome team of trainers I work with (Lucas and Honore specifically) and my clients deciding to compete I am training for my second figure competition.  But this time I will look even better than the last show I did 🙂 I can’t wait to step on stage again, and to be able to say I DID IT! I REACHED MY GOAL! I love that sense of accomplishment! It’s like crossing the finish line of a race, best feeling ever! Oh and I also can’t wait for my first cheat meal afterwards too!! 😉

So there you have it, all the reasons why I compete in fitness competitions!  To those of you who have competed or are currently training for a show, what motivates you to do it? I’m interested to hear from you because everyone has a story and reasons as to why they train for these things…

10.5 weeks to go!  Keep checking my Get Fit with Les Facebook page for progress pics!  Can’t wait for my abs to show 😉


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