Why do I love running? Here are the many reasons why…

1. Anybody can do it! Really, you can. It’s what we were born to do 🙂

2. It requires no equipment. All you need is the road and a pair of running shoes.

3. You can do it year round.  Ya all you northerners who think running is impossible in the winter, I beg to differ! It’s way more fun running in the snow! Just be sure to bundle up…

4. You can do it with friends.  Running is always more fun when you someone or a group to run with.  The best part about having a running partner? They will hold you accountable and ensure you don’t miss a run!

5. It’s good for you.  There are too many benefits to list but I think you’ll all agree that running is good for your health!

6. It’s a great workout.  Whether you run fast or slow, high or low, nothing beats the ‘runner’s high’ feeling after a good run!

7. Enjoy the outdoors. Ditch the treadmill and enjoy some fresh air, take in the scenery and you’ll find that your run will be over before you know it…

8. Challenge yourself-sign up for a race! So many options when it comes to races…choose your distance, the time of year and what city you want to run in and you’re set!!  I’ve done quite a few races myself and it is almost addictive!!  I’m always up for a challenge and it helps to keep you motivated when you have a goal date/race date.

9. There is so much support.  Check out run clubs in your area (The Running Room for example), there are so many running magazines, websites, books and running gurus who are always looking to share their expertise with runners.  You’d be surprised how many friends you’ll make through running.

10. It’s rewarding.  Especially crossing the finish line of a race you’ve been training months for.  Running also helps with weight loss and increases your energy and endurance.  If you haven’t tried running yet or you have convinced yourself you hate it, I would try running today!  You have no idea what your body is capable of!

Why do you run??

Les 🙂


7 thoughts on “Running

  1. Kaytay says:

    I need some running updates please and thank you!!

  2. Crys says:

    Hey Les! Any advice or info that you might have about preparing for Triathlons would be great! Have you ever completed one yourself?

    • Hi! I will be updating this when I get a chance and I will for sure put up some info about training for a triathlon. I have never completed or trained for one but have always wanted to….I may start training for one next year…are you interested as well???

  3. ecinc says:

    Where’s the running stuff? I thought you were a runner?

    • It is coming I promise!! More of a yogini these days…but just you wait…runner Leslie will be updating soon!! Planning on doing Around the Bay again so I must do more running soon!

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