Lose Weight Here Book Review Part 3 of 4: Become a detective NOT a dieter!

One concept/idea that is repeated over and over again in this book is this…learn to become a detective NOT a dieter!  We are all made differently so unfortunately there is no one way of eating that works for everyone.  The process of losing weight is individual, it has it’s ups and downs, peaks and valleys with mega happy moments of weight loss followed by very frustrating failures.  It takes practice, patience and experimentation.

If you’re reading this and are a chronic dieter, the book will ask you to say the following…. I WILL NO LONGER APPROACH MY BODY CHANGE/FAT LOSS GOALS WITH THE MIND-SET OF A DIETER.  The principles discussed in this book help you to learn to understand your body better and what it needs to live optimally.

So how do they recommend that you change your mind set? Stop looking for a specific recipe for success, meal plan or one size fits all approach. You must learn to master the skill of observation and letting clues guide you towards the solution. Good detectives see things more clearly and fully.  Dieters see things in only black and white, detectives see all shades of gray.

First of all, the authors provide examples of and explain the need to put aside all preconceived notions about rules of exercise and food…

  • carbs are the devil
  • you must always eat breakfast
  • you should only eat certain foods at certain times
  • eating less and exercising more is the route to weight loss

These type of diet biases will be your worst enemy if you want to stop dieting and see lasting change. There is only one diet rule–>DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!

As a detective you must search for the perfect mix of foods that will make you feel great, easily help you lose weight and improve your blood work and vital stats.  If eating Sour Patch kids  and drinking chocolate milk all day makes you feel healthy and full of energy then that is what your body needs.  You might be like, ‘ok sure but where do I start?  How the heck am I supposed to know what works for me?’  The author provides us with some essential tools and it’s up to you whether you use them or not.

  • Keep hunger-energy-cravings in check-your body provides feedback in the form of sensations and they fluctuate based on what you eat and how you live. At the end of each week, make a note of each on a scale of 1-10 (10 meaning very high and 1 being low level.  Hunger should be 5 or less, energy should be 6 or higher and craving should be less than 5.  Make a mental note of them and once you have this assessment you can investigate what may have had a positive or negative influence and take steps to adjust your approach.  This is the critical tool to creating a plan that works best for you.

  • Assess your progress my measuring yourself  (chest/waist/hips) instead of weighing yourself.  Your weight tells you very little about the type of weight you have gained or lost.  You might be losing fat but you could be losing muscle.  You also want to make sure you are changing your shape in the right proportions.  Women should aim to achieve an hour glass shape while men a V shape. If not seeing change, make adjustments with your food NOT exercise-doing more exercise to burn extra fat does not work in the long run and will almost always cause weight gain rebound because it always throws your hunger-energy-cravings out of check. Stubborn fat is burned in the kitchen and we get fit in the gym!

  • The fat blast formula-the process of analyzing hunger-energy-cravings and your shape change results.  Use AIM (assess, investigate, modify) as there are various outcomes from this process (see book pages 51-54)

There is a ton of information that I have left out BUT if you read this book it will provide you with a great starting point as it comes with in depth plans.  They are purposely flexible and designed specifically to avoid the dieting trap of rigid rules and defined guidelines.  What I like the most about this plan is that you are encouraged to take responsibility for altering the approach to suit your metabolism, psychology and personal preferences. Being mindful and present are necessary behaviours you’ll need to practice in order to be successful with this approach.

I have started using the approach with quite a few of my clients who have been eating well and exercising consistently but can’t seem to lose stubborn fat, weight and inches and have constant cravings, low energy etc and guess what?  EVERY SINGLE ONE of them has LOST INCHES, REDUCED THEIR BODY FAT and WEIGHT and most importantly after only 1-2 weeks of following the program they FEEL BETTER, SLEEP MORE, and HAVE LESS CRAVINGS!  They all tell me that they finally feel like they have discovered a way of eating that works for them and that will be able to continue following for the rest of their lives. I’ll will be sharing their success stories with you in upcoming blog posts…

I would love to help guide you through the process of improving your health and nutrition so if you’re someone who has trouble losing inches and stubborn fat and feel overwhelmed with all the conflicting information regarding weight loss that’s out there, contact me to set up your free consultation.  I look forward to helping you by simplifying the process.  Don’t wait any longer, now is the best time to begin your journey the right way and you’ll soon be on your way to becoming a healthier, happier individual who will be achieving sustainable and lasting results 🙂 Oh yeah, and it will be fun since you’ll have me to hold you accountable and help you to stay on track (and cheering you on) the whole time!

Email les@getfitwithles.com or call me 613-601-7037 and we can get started right away!

Les 🙂


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