Lose Weight Here Book Review Part 1 of 4: Do what works for you!

I have been following Jade and his wife Jill for the last few years on Social Media and recently discovered that Jade has published two books. The first is called “The Metabolic Effect Diet” and the lastest one “Lose Weight Here” and from the first chapter I was very interested.  I have been interested in learning more about the effects of hormones on metabolism and fat loss and this book makes it so easy to understand and provides excellent information and advice for helping people who have trouble losing weight.

I am skipping towards the end of the book to share with you one the concepts I found the most interesting (and valuable).  In the last few chapters of the book “Lose Weight Here” the authors talk about the importance of structuring your food intake based on your metabolism, psychology and preferences.

So once you get to the stage (or you’re super close to it!) where you’ve reached your goal (you’re at a weight and size you love, you feel strong and fit, you’ve figured out how to keep your hunger, energy and cravings in check) here are a few approaches to consider to keep your metabolism working for you …


  1. The Weekend Warrior-Eat less, exercise less on Monday through Friday. On the weekend follow the same approach but instead of one regular meal at the end of the day, eat a large cheat meal one to three times during the weekend. Also make sure you get in a few weight training workouts and maybe a long run or bike ride. So then you’ll be following a eat more exercise more approach on Saturday and Sunday and the extra calories will go into fueling exercise and building muscle.
  2. The Weekend Couch Potato-Eat more, exercise more Monday through Friday since the week is loaded with exercise. Include healthier carbs post workout to help with exercise recovery and muscle development. On the weekend the person is eating light while engaging in light or no activity and usually enjoys sleeping in and doesn’t eat until lunch. This allows for a more relaxing weekend with less food and activity.
  3. The Exerciser-Set your exercise schedule for the week and eat more on the days you exercise. Eat less on recovery days. For those who love to exercise this approach works best and is the lifestyle many will naturally gravitate to. It works well because you will learn to instinctively match intake with output.In other words, on the day when exercise is done, the meal frequency, carbs and calorie counts are increased. On the days there is no exercise, the food intake is lower and there are fewer meals.
  4. The Lazy Girl or Boy-These people are not expending much energy and therefore do not require lots of calories. Weight training twice a week is enough for them and they understand that as they age holding on to their muscle mass is imperative for the health of their metabolism so they make that a priority.
  5. The Athlete-You are active every single day and need to fuel your body to keep it going he people who live this lifestyle have the bodies we admire the most. They train hard, fuel smart and they have lean functional, athletic physiques. A high calorie meal will likely go toward recovery and have little negative effect on fat gain. This reflects what a typical athlete’s eating and exercise regimens might look like

After reading these 5 options which one do you think you are? Have you ever thought about approaching your nutrition this way? What are you thoughts on their recommendations?

I think this is an excellent and convenient means of adjusting to various situations that you may come across in your daily life.  The key to this plan is learn to use these strategies while being fully aware that you are doing so without it taking much mental effort. Eventually it will happen intuitively as you will become a “diet detective” and adjust on the fly while staying lean and fit as  a result.

Want to learn more about this? Check out and order the book! http://www.amazon.ca/Lose-Weight-Here-Metabolic-Stubborn/dp/1623364760

Stay tuned for parts 2, 3, 4 from this book….

Les 🙂


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