Lacking the Motivation to Workout? Start looking for a workout buddy!

Ever have those days when you really don’t feel like going to the gym? For some of you it might be everyday, but you tough it out, and somehow, someway, you get yourself to the gym.  Now when you get there, do you ever struggle to push yourself or talk yourself out of that last rep or have a hard time finishing one more set? It is human nature to work harder when you workout with someone else.  Who knows, maybe you’ll be better than you’ve ever been before if you find yourself a good workout partner.

Even if you have some really awesome workouts on your own, it’s not a bad idea to train with someone once in awhile, you’ll be surprised and how much harder you’ll train.

Now, here is the kicker, you have to find the RIGHT training partner. I have come up with 5 key traits to look for in a training partner…

  1. Trains when you do-The biggest reason people give me for why they train solo is they can’t match up schedules with someone else. Look around your gym at the time you typically go. Who’s there? Or message your friends and find out what time they prefer to workout.
  2. Reasons for working out-The partnership won’t last long unless you’re working toward the same end goal. Whether you’re trying to get lean, build more muscle, get stronger, improve flexibility, better endurance, your partner needs to have similar reasons for working out than you. By doing so, you will help to form a stronger bond between the two of you, thus deepening the connection you feel in terms of cheering each other on as you progress through.
  3. Will hold you accountable-If you text your training partner to say you can’t make it, will they say, “No sweat,” or will they be let down? You want the latter. Knowing you need to be there to support a partner creates another incentive for consistency.
  4. Workout intensity-Another key factor to think about is what kind of intensity they like to train with. Some people like to use their workouts largely for stress relief and socialization, while others are there to achieve their goals and get the results they are looking for. Chances are, the person who is looking for stress relief and relaxation will be taking a much more moderate approach to their workouts while the one who is there for physique improvement will really be geared towards giving their all. This difference can cause for some problems because your goals, once again, are not quite along the same lines.
  5. Skill level- This factor, while not essential, is likely something you’ll also want to consider. It is a good idea to try and be on the same skill level, or at least around the same skill level, as your partner. While you both definitely do not need to have the same strength levels, being as experienced with lifting and understanding the various training techniques can be helpful.  If you are much more experience for example, you might find yourself spending a great deal of time simply explaining principles rather than actually working out.  Some might be okay with doing so, but others, especially those who only have a limited time period to be in the gym, may struggle if such a thing is occurring.

So, if you are considering finding a partner to workout with, make sure you take these factors into consideration.

Remember too that nothing says you can’t have more than one workout partner. It can be almost better if there are a few people you work out with on a regular basis because then if one becomes ill or has other commitments that do force them to miss some sessions, you still have others there who will provide you with the support you need to keep up with your training. I also find that training with other people is a great way to catch up, way healthier and more productive than grabbing a beer and a burger (but tastes way better AFTER a workout!)

Good luck with your gym partner search, and don’t forget that personal training is an even better option, I know of a few trainers at PRIME who are looking forward to helping you improve your overall health and fitness. #justsaying

Les 🙂


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