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Lacking the Motivation to Workout? Start looking for a workout buddy!

Ever have those days when you really don’t feel like going to the gym? For some of you it might be everyday, but you tough it out, and somehow, someway, you get yourself to the gym.  Now when you get there, do you ever struggle to push yourself or talk yourself out of that last rep or have a hard time finishing one more set? It is human nature to work harder when you workout with someone else.  Who knows, maybe you’ll be better than you’ve ever been before if you find yourself a good workout partner.

Even if you have some really awesome workouts on your own, it’s not a bad idea to train with someone once in awhile, you’ll be surprised and how much harder you’ll train.

Now, here is the kicker, you have to find the RIGHT training partner. I have come up with 5 key traits to look for in a training partner…

  1. Trains when you do-The biggest reason people give me for why they train solo is they can’t match up schedules with someone else. Look around your gym at the time you typically go. Who’s there? Or message your friends and find out what time they prefer to workout.
  2. Reasons for working out-The partnership won’t last long unless you’re working toward the same end goal. Whether you’re trying to get lean, build more muscle, get stronger, improve flexibility, better endurance, your partner needs to have similar reasons for working out than you. By doing so, you will help to form a stronger bond between the two of you, thus deepening the connection you feel in terms of cheering each other on as you progress through.
  3. Will hold you accountable-If you text your training partner to say you can’t make it, will they say, “No sweat,” or will they be let down? You want the latter. Knowing you need to be there to support a partner creates another incentive for consistency.
  4. Workout intensity-Another key factor to think about is what kind of intensity they like to train with. Some people like to use their workouts largely for stress relief and socialization, while others are there to achieve their goals and get the results they are looking for. Chances are, the person who is looking for stress relief and relaxation will be taking a much more moderate approach to their workouts while the one who is there for physique improvement will really be geared towards giving their all. This difference can cause for some problems because your goals, once again, are not quite along the same lines.
  5. Skill level- This factor, while not essential, is likely something you’ll also want to consider. It is a good idea to try and be on the same skill level, or at least around the same skill level, as your partner. While you both definitely do not need to have the same strength levels, being as experienced with lifting and understanding the various training techniques can be helpful.  If you are much more experience for example, you might find yourself spending a great deal of time simply explaining principles rather than actually working out.  Some might be okay with doing so, but others, especially those who only have a limited time period to be in the gym, may struggle if such a thing is occurring.

So, if you are considering finding a partner to workout with, make sure you take these factors into consideration.

Remember too that nothing says you can’t have more than one workout partner. It can be almost better if there are a few people you work out with on a regular basis because then if one becomes ill or has other commitments that do force them to miss some sessions, you still have others there who will provide you with the support you need to keep up with your training. I also find that training with other people is a great way to catch up, way healthier and more productive than grabbing a beer and a burger (but tastes way better AFTER a workout!)

Good luck with your gym partner search, and don’t forget that personal training is an even better option, I know of a few trainers at PRIME who are looking forward to helping you improve your overall health and fitness. #justsaying

Les 🙂


Client Success Story: How my client lost 30 lbs in 4 months without doing anything extreme…

It all started with a random email I received on April 14 2015. A girl named Kelsey contacted me as she had heard “I was very motivating and a pleasure to work with” from a mutual friend (thanks Denise!)  Also in her email she explained to me that she was “feeling really out of shape and interested in one on one training”.  We set up our first appointment right away and from the moment I met her she was smiling, super positive and enthusiastic.  She was the most excited 24 year old female I have ever had a consultation with. I was instantly as excited as she was to get started.  She make the decision to commit to training 3 times a week (as that is the most effective way to get results, especially when a client is new to an exercise program) and was going to do cardio workouts on her own 2-3 times a week (pretty awesome right!?) She also wanted to learn how to eat properly and cook healthy but delicious and easy meals.

Her goals when we first met were to lose weight (20-30lbs and be a size 8-10), to feel better, (strong, fit, energetic) and do something crazy (Spartan Race, pull ups, etc).

Here are her measurements for her first assessment

April 21 2015

Body weight-177.8lbs Body fat 35.9% Chest 42”, Belly 40”, Hips 42”, Left Arm 11.5”, Left Thigh 24”

Performance wise she was starting off pretty strong with good pushup, squat, lunge, deadlift, twist, pull and plank form. BUT she wasn’t doing much exercise on her own and had no clue how to eat properly! Well this is where having a trainer makes all the difference.

We set up a schedule of training 3 days a week and GUESS WHAT?! She only missed one session in the 4 months we trained. She was determined to make it to all her workouts and worked her hardest while she was here. And she did that…and more! Consistency is so important when working out and changing eating habits, and her motivation never wavered!

We discussed nutrition early on, I had her track her food for a few days so I could get an idea of what her daily food intake looks like. At first, she was eating out almost every meal, ate mostly carbs and not a lot of veggies and protein. She was constantly drinking water so that was good J Now, you might find it hard to believe but I never wrote her up a meal plan! I simply taught her the 5 Habits from the Precision Nutrition program and one week at a time she worked on mastering those. They are as follows

1-Eat slowly and without distraction

2-Eat protein (25-30 g) with every meal

3-Eat 1-2 servings of veggies with every meal

4-Eat carbs based on your body type and activity level (if trying to lose weight, eat carbs around your workout etc) and watch your serving size (1 cupped handful is 1 serving)

5- Make sure you are getting enough fat in your diet (eggs. Meats, fish, olives, nuts, seeds)

I also got her to fill out a biweekly adherence sheet to track her meals (tracking good meals, missed meals and unhealthy meals) and the goals was to improve her adherence each week. This worked super well without being too complicated.

She literally took every bit of advice I gave her and followed it from Day 1. Yes there were some late nights out and drinking  with her friends once in awhile, and she would go for sushi, have pizza or eat dessert sometimes (who doesn’t?)  but my point here is she did not do anything extreme to achieve results! She followed guidelines I provided her for fitness and nutrition and STUCK TO THEM FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME!  After training with me for 4 months these were her measurements…

Aug 28 2015

Body weight 144.4 lbs BF 22.6% Chest 37” Belly 34” Hips 38” Left Arm 10” Left Thigh 20.75”

She was down 32.6 lbs, 13.3 % bodyfat and 25.5 inches all over! Incredible, right?

Her strength  and form in all her exercises improved 100%, she is at the point where she LOVES a tough leg workout and requests challenging exercises when we train together.

All of these changes happened over 4 months, no extreme dieting or crazy workout routine, she JUST DID WHAT HER TRAINER TOLD HER TO DO, for more than 2 weeks (unlike most people who start up a new fitness routine)…and was determined to improve her health and fitness.

Kelsey is an inspiration to anyone who is unsure about personal training or making the decision to take their fitness more seriously.  Her positive attitude was the number one reason was she had great success, she was open to my suggestions, and ready and willing to make changes, AND she was prepared to work very hard to reach her goals week after week..

Now even though we aren’t training 3 times a week anymore she still comes to see me once a week for a really good butt kicking.  She tells me that coming to see me even once a week really helps her to stay motivated and do her own workouts during the week, so basically, she uses me as someone to be accountable to and I am the one who helps to keep her on track.  This makes me happy and I truly feel like I have helped take Kelsey’s fitness, nutrition and health to a whole new level, a level that she is committed to maintaining for the rest of her life!

This is just one of many success stories of clients I have trained in the last 8 years, perhaps you’ll be my next one?

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