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An effective personal trainer will help you redefine your ‘healthy’ or redefine your PRIME!

After being a personal trainer for many years my philosophy has changed quite a bit. When I first started out, I gauged my success with clients by how many inches the lost, the number of pounds they were down on the scale and the amount of body fat reduced. Looking back, I realize that that was how I used to determine my own success with my fitness, by focusing on the numbers. Now I’m not saying that my clients don’t see physical changes or improvements in their body composition through training with me BUT I find that we focus a lot more now on the MENTAL and EMOTIONAL progress that comes from working out regularly and making better nutrition choices.

Many of my clients started training with me years ago and even if they haven’t lost the amount of weight they initially set out to lose, they and I are still very happy with their progress! Why? Because they make it to their session with me NO MATTER WHAT! They make training a priority (with me and on their own). They do their best to eat right. They strive to be physically active every day. They talk more positively about themselves. They see the good things in the life instead of focusing on the not so good things. They inspire their friends and family to exercise. They enjoy life and treat themselves every so often. They are proof that with consistent effort comes ‘results’ or positive changes physically, mentally and emotionally.

So am I trainer who is obsessed with massive weight loss, inches lost, body fat dropped, smaller pant size results? NO! Am I obsessed with making sure that my clients feel awesome during every session that they train with me? YES! Do I strive to help my clients learn how to live a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle? YES! Do I empower my clients by encouraging them and focus on the things they do well? YES! Do I look down on or punish my clients when they miss a workout or eat a bowl of ice cream? NO! We are all human and my mission is to help lift people up and help them feel better about themselves through fitness and healthy (not perfect) eating. Is personal training expensive? YES! Is it worth it if you need help making health and fitness a priority? YES! Investing in YOU with a personal trainer who CARES is definitely worth it, if you don’t spend money on personal training you’ll probably find a way to spend it on something that is not going to be beneficial to your health.

Are you still hesitant about hiring a personal trainer? I get it! There are so many to choose from and you never know what to expect. If you want a better idea of what training with me is like, take a few minutes and read some of my clients’ testimonials…

“Training with les is up lifting, she has an infectious positive energy and highlights even the smallest of accomplishments which helped me personally in achieving my fitness goals. Leslie genuinely cares about her client’s well-being and I am thankful to have met her.”         -Hana R

“Leslie never lets me down and gives me her entire attention during my hour of training. Having Leslie for a personal trainer gives me a great mental and physical workout. She is patient, she always supports me, encourages me, respects me and, most of all, she believes in me, without judging. She gives me feedback and homework when I ask for a little bit more. She is a great personal trainer. The financial investment I’ve been putting for more than one year in my sessions with Leslie is the best decision I’ve ever done. I’ve gain confidence in myself from the inside and overcame a 2 year injury from running. Thanks Les for being you!”   -Caroline P

“Words to describe Leslie …reliable, flexible, fun, dedicated, passionate, funny. With Les, you get more (than just a trainer)”                       -Sylvie L

“I trained with Leslie for about 6 months, 2 to 3 times per week. After this time, I had never felt so good as I did then about my body. And I had no idea that I could start to look and feel the way that I did. I felt amazing, knowing that I had been pushed hard, worked hard and the results were starting to show. What I like most about Leslie is that she doesn’t just focus on the physical, she is an awesome resource for nutrition and lifestyle advice. If you are unsure about whether personal training is right for you, Leslie is the right person to talk to. Leslie gets that it’s not just about how you look, but also how you feel. And as tough as some of the workouts could be, Leslie was super motivating and regularly changed up the workouts to be different, creative and fun. Thanks Leslie!” –Kate T

“I had a couple of trainers in the past and no one compared to Leslie. Leslie is one of the most caring, knowledgeable, and positive trainers I have ever met. She really listens to all of your needs and creates a plan just for you. She keeps in touch with you on a regular basis to make sure that you are staying positive and hitting all of your goals. During a workout she knows exactly how hard to push you. She brought me out of my comfort zone which made me feel like I could accomplish anything. You can really tell that she loves and is passionate about her career. I highly recommend her!” -Valerie M

“Les is patient and reliable and hard-working and genuinely cares for her clients like they were her family.  You know that she always has your well-being in mind, and will work just as hard for your success as you do (usually harder!)  There are a lot of trainers in Ottawa, but very few have what it takes.  Les has truly shone over the past few years I have trained with her, and it is obvious she has found her calling. I have lost 70 pounds total with Les, and gained lots of muscle!  I have new direction in life, everyone is stunned when they see me, and I am in the best shape of my life!  I used to spend every night reflecting on the things I couldn’t do, now I spend every night planning for the things I am GOING to do.  That is the best thing about training with Leslie, she gives you the tools and options and support you need to be in the place you always wanted to be. I don’t gush over many things, but Leslie the personal trainer deserves it!” –Jeremy C

“Les is so motivating! She’s patient and caring, and develops a program, with tips and advice, that is catered just for you! The studio is clean and the other staff members are great! I highly recommend Leslie Robertson if you are looking for great results and so much fun!”   -Trinity J

“Les, I really want you to know (jokes aside) how grateful I am to have you in my life. I truly don’t know where I would be right now if you weren’t around and if I didn’t have you to trust in me, encourage me and laugh with me. No joke, you have been one of the most important people in my life this year in helping me in my personal life and being my partner in crime and incredible wing woman ;)…. And a voice of reason. Thank you for letting me bounce ideas off of you, unload my anxieties and confusions, and address my underlying insecurities.  I’ve realized over the last week that not only do I love myself more because of the experiences I have had in the past year, I’ve accepted and learned to appreciate the things that always drove me to be disappointed in what I saw in my reflection. You truly are such an incredible, positive force in my life and so many other people’s. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked to my mom and sister and told them how easily you can switch my mood from being negative to positive and truthfully it’s rubbing off.

I appreciate you so much and don’t tell you enough how important you are to me. Thank you for everything.” -Katie B.

Part 2 (from Katie B!)…”Les is a positive force in the lives of all her clients and friends. Not only does she teach you the tools you need to achieve a balanced you, she does so with an incredible sense of humour, interest and commitment. I have trained with her off and on over the last 5 years and owe a lot of my personal growth and knowledge about health and fitness to Les. In addition to training and running for two half marathons together, Les coached me for my first fitness competition in June 2014. She is trustworthy and passionate about her clients and her career and will give you the motivation and drive to achieve your personal goals. She always told me to “trust the process” and it works!”

“Leslie has a great ability to adjust to my (the client’s) fitness objective and design a workout which is both effective and fun.  She is very personable, charming  and has a rare ability to inspire you to do better in the gym and look forward to the next class.  I miss these months when I’ve trained with Les and looking for an opportunity to do that again.” –Greg B

“Training with Les, our sessions are always an hour to look forward to!”     -Odette L

“It would be hard to exaggerate Leslie’s talent as a trainer. She is socially gifted, able to read your mood, and adapt the session to your needs. She is well educated in her field, and keeps up to date with ongoing training. Her routines are always changing so you never get bored. She is a patient teacher and role model. She guides you to find the motivation within you to reach your goals. Above all, she is a friendly, enthusiastic, genuine person”                 -Annette O

“My journey to becoming fit and healthy began in May 2010. For the majority of my 24 years I have been overweight and more importantly unhappy with my weight and the way I looked. Finally in April of 2010 I was tired of disliking the image I saw in the mirror, tired of feeling my clothes getting tighter and really tired of just being tired; not having the energy to participate in the life I was supposed to be living and I was only 22 years old! I joined the gym in April of 2010 but didn’t start working out until a month later. I didn’t know how to use the machines or lift weights properly. I started with a trainer at the gym in May but she went on to other opportunities in August and that’s when Les took me on as a client. Again I had that same nervousness as I did when first joining the gym but once I met with Les I immediately felt excited to continue my progress of getting healthy and fit with her. She tailored workouts especially for me and kept me accountable for my health by reassessing my body composition every month or so. She has shown me more exercises and varieties of exercises than I can count. I finally began to regain and build the confidence I had lost while I was gaining weight. I would become excited about my upcoming workouts with Les. I began to see the changes in my body and my attitude. I now thoroughly enjoy exercising and being active. Les has supported me in training for my fist half marathon, shown me the benefits of exercising and eating healthy and has given me the tools to continue my never-ending goal to be the healthiest and happiest person I can be. Les believed in me and turned this once overweight, insecure person who hated going to the gym in to the slimmer, confident, dare I say athletic person I am today; and although I am still working toward my ideal body composition I know I will be successful because of all the knowledge and support Les has given me over the time we trained together. I can never thank you enough”. -Tiffany F

“I had the pleasure of having Leslie as my personal trainer for approximately one year and a half. I always wanted to get in shape, but did not know where to start nor could I find the motivation to stick to a training program. After many failed attempts, I decided to contact Les after a friend’s recommendation. My main objective was to gain lean muscle mass and improve my overall fitness level. I was extremely satisfied with the personal training sessions offered by Les. Her workouts were diversified, motivating, challenging, and most importantly, showed results. She tailored her program to meet my goals and also helped me improve my lifestyle with great nutritional tips. My workout sessions were productive and so much fun! I feel more comfortable at the gym now and I continue to achieve great results. I highly recommend Les to anyone looking for an amazing personal trainer!”                        -Benoit L

“Words to describe Les…Dedicated              Focused           Knowledgeable           Motivating      Personalized to fit your capabilities. Customized approach         Training with Les is an investment in your health and fitness.            Training with Les is a wise choice towards improving your health.   For optimal results, train with Les! Training with Les is rewarding, fun and inspiring. Train with Les – enjoy the benefits of a healthy and fit body. Training with Les is HARD (but fun).”                                              -Christine B.

So if you are looking for a trainer who will give you the most effective, quickest weight loss meal plan, or maybe you’re hoping to be given a 6 week workout plan to get better abs, I am NOT the trainer for you.

As you can tell from reading my clients’ testimonials above, if you are determined to learn how you can make living a healthy and balanced lifestyle a priority, want to enjoy working out AND/OR are looking for a person who will take a genuine interest in helping you reach your goals (whatever they may be)  with lifelong and sustainable results then I am the trainer for you!

If you want more information about how you can become a part of the amazing group of GET FIT WITH LES clients at my BRAND NEW personal training studio called PRIME opening October 1st, contact me ASAP as I have limited spaces available for new clients 🙂 Email me at or for more details.

Les 🙂