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Client Testimonial: Jeremy’s Story

Jeremy has been training with me since October 2012 and the seeing this man transform has been so inspiring to me and anyone who knows him! Take a few minutes and read his story.  I am so proud of his dedication to his health and I am so impressed with his on-going determination to get in the best shape of his life! Congrats Jeremy, I can’t wait to see what goals of yours we can accomplish together!!

I am 36 years old. Fitness was never a big deal to me for the majority of my adult life, I played sports in high school and lifted weights whenever my friends would go, and generally did and ate what I wanted.  I put on a lot of weight in University, but whenever I would travel, I would drop a bunch of weight again.  It yoyo’ed a lot.  But I never got stuck.
Then when I moved across the country to take a job and left everyone I knew behind, things started to spiral out of control with my habits. I ballooned up. I was pushing 375 (at 6’4) and it scared the hell out of me.
So I got a trainer, he tried to whip me into shape, but my motivation was not there.  I kept slipping backwards.  Eventually, frustrated, we went our seperate ways.  Tried to go it on my own, gave up again, weight climbed back up. Now I was pushing 400 (!) and life was starting to grind to a halt. I didn’t want to do anything but go to work and come home and do nothing. I would show pictures, but I avoided pictures. None of me that I know of.
I was on the verge of knowing what it was like to become a shut-in, the shame and repressed anger were my only ways of communicating with the world any more.
Finally something snapped, and I tried to take it back up again, this time with passion. I threw myself into whatever cardio I could, I did lots of Spin classes, I did Hot Yoga, I tried cleanses, I did lots of bodyweight stuff.  If something scared people, that’s what I would try.  I was fearless. Everything but weightlifting I did seriously, weights were just something I rarely did on a lark.
I lost over 90 pounds purely through this stuff! Was feeling slim. But I was starting to run into all my strength limitations. Everything that yoga could offer me I could do with confidence, until I got to arm balances, handstands, etc. I just wasn’t strong enough. But I kept pushing. Until eventually one morning I couldn’t lift my left arm any more. I had sprained my shoulder quite badly. I am still dealing with that to this day.
I was slowly rehabbing my shoulder now, and did a lot less exercise, but kept up the aggressive diet… so the weight came back on. I was up past 340 again, and realized I couldn’t keep this up alone.
I was still signing up for yoga workshops and challenges, but feeling lost and kind of aimless.  During one of these challenges, one of the other participants, Leslie Robertson, was offering a discount to train at her new business, Get Fit With Les.  Deciding that this was something that was meant to land in my lap, I met with Leslie, and we arranged a trial.
This was me when I started with Get Fit With Les in September of 2012.
Through a lot of hard work, and a lot of butting heads, my diet was starting to fall in line, and I was getting stronger. I kept trying to get away with whatever I could, so I would lose weight for a month or two, then stop losing weight for a few months, it was a long dance of stubbornness, but Leslie was patient with me.

In the summer of 2013 I decided what was missing from my life was the spirit of competition, so I enrolled in an online 6 week transformation challenge, and committed myself to the process 100%. In 6 weeks I lost 33 pounds, and was in the best shape I think I had ever been in. This was me at the end.
Still fat, but less so.
All throughout this time, I kept training at Get Fit With Les, and her lessons and good cheer were starting to sink in.  I was starting to love working out again, and we were dialing in on a diet I could manage.  One small block of sessions at a time, Leslie and I were starting to build me back up.
During the Fall, I had to deal with a health scare, there was a genetic predisposition to heart defects that runs in my family, and it took a lot of work to gather the data needed to clear me from the risk list. It would have meant the end of lifting. So that distracted me regularly from losing weight.
I decided to take the Fall off from losing weight, and work on my strength. Just build up good form and confidence and numbers in the compound lifts. Eventually I was confident in those movements and I was past the health scare, I was ready to get back to cutting. But I had put on about 15+ pounds through a loose diet, so was long overdue to get serious again with weight loss.
I enrolled in another 12 week challenge, and it was the hardest thing I have ever done.  But by the end it got easier, and after tacking 1 more week on for fun, I had lost 31 pounds in 13 weeks!  This was me at the end:
I now weighed 263, and weighed what I did in high school!  I had long since passed the point of being in the best shape of my life, and was moving on to uncharted territory.  I look at my fitness now, and I no longer see any limitations.  I feel like anything is available to me – even as a man staring down 40, I feel like I could be a bodybuilder if I wanted to, a powerlifter if I wanted to, a personal trainer if I wanted to.  This is my passion now and it shows, I love working out, I LOVE helping other people work out, and I LOVE making it the #1 priority in my life.

It gets harder and harder to lose the weight every year as I get older, but I will give everything I can to this new life, because I feel like I dodged multiple bullets and don’t want to go back to that. When you wake up one morning and realize you find it hard to get out of chairs… you need to reprioritize. This IS my priority.
I love weightlifting, I have finally found an outlet for my energy and a hobby that lets me keep incrementally challenging myself. I still have hot yoga and spin and all that in my toolbelt, and still love them.
I have a website where I have been tracking my workouts for years now:
Come visit me there!  I mostly use it to log my numbers, but sometimes I have been known to post my thoughts as well 🙂
Above all, I am proud to call Leslie my coach.  Those people who have truly had a coach know what that can mean, and it means a lot.  I recommend her to anyone who is a little lost, in need of getting their life back on track.  I struggle to this day with my opinion of myself.  I am not a good person.  I am selfish and lazy and petty and angry.  But my coach has been patient with me, she has shown me all the things that I DO WELL, and has finally made me hungry for my own success.
Leslie has a real gift for working with your motivation, and building you up from where you gave up to where you can hope and dream again.  I use to have problems making it through my day, and now I look forward to each day as it comes.  Most days, Leslie is a bigger fan of me than I am of myself.  She will never know how much that means to me, and I will never be able to pay her back for that – over a year and a half of selfless acts as I found my feet again.
She has helped me find the diet that works for me, and all the parts of my diet before that were holding me back, she has helped me build proper form in all of the exercises, and I would be remiss if I did not mention how excellent she is at working out!  She is STRONG, and pound for pound can keep up with anyone in the gym, male or female.  I am forever thankful for the days where she has let me “train the trainer”, as it has given me so much perspective.
Best personal trainer and life coach I have ever met.  My only regret is that I had not met her years earlier 🙂


Amazing story! It still makes me smile everytime I read it.  Proud trainer over here!

Les 🙂Image