Healthy Hangouts

Lately I have really made an effort to see my friends more regularly!  In the past, when I was super busy training for a competition or working crazy hours or was in a relationship (with someone who lived in Ottawa!) I wouldn’t see my friends nearly enough.  Also, when it was time to plan a get together with a friend we would plan a night out and go out for a drink, or grab a bite to eat.  I’m not saying I don’t still do this once in awhile but now I prefer to plan a healthy activity with my friends!  The best part about this is we have fun while working out and we get to catch up at the same time!

Last week I did a body pump class with my friend at Goodlife and while at first I was skeptical (I have a few hesitations about the class) but once we got started with our amazing instructor Joe (check out his blog)  I was smiling and having a great time.  And while it wasn’t the toughest workout I have ever done (other than the burning triceps track and the endless planks at the end!) Lucie and I couldn’t help but cheer each other on and laugh while we were dancing along (when our muscles weren’t screaming at us) with the tracks that were playing.  So that was a success and so much fun!

I also love yoga dates with friends!  Last night I met a friend at Yogatown for a special chocolate yoga class (YUM!) I wasn’t too sure what to expect but I knew that with Laurie leading the class it was guaranteed to be a sweet practice 😉  A woman had brought her own homemade chocolates for us to try (Trufflishi) and Laurie would cue us to ‘reach forward and take a bite of your chocolate and let it melt in your mouth as you melt into your pose’.  It was hard not to go ‘MMMM’ out loud with every bite! What an amazing idea 🙂  Another great way to spend time with a friend, enjoying chocolate while doing yoga!  I have so many funny stories from doing different yoga classes with friends, but too many to share, but a couple of times I fell asleep and yes, I was caught snoring!

Lately I have been doing my strength training workouts with friends, co workers, clients and I find it makes a HUGE difference in the effort I put into my workout. There is nothing more encouraging than a little healthy competition right?  The best workout partner is one who is just as strong or a little bit stronger than me as they are usually trying to tell me to ‘do 1 more’ or ‘come on let’s add 10 more lbs’ and that makes it really hard to say no!  But I know my limits so proper form, alignment and muscle activation always comes before lifting heavier weights, hopefully you follow the same rule!!

Doing cardio with a friend can also be fun, but remember, if you can talk the whole time then you probably could work a bit harder.  Push your cardio buddy to do intervals (go as hard as you can for 30-60 seconds) and you can chat (or try and catch your breathe together) during your rest periods!  In the past when I have trained for a half marathon I always enjoyed doing my long runs with a friend as it made the long (slow) runs go by a lot faster and having a friend to meet with made it really hard to not get out for my run! 

Working out with a friend is not only a good way to catch up but it is the best way to hold yourself accountable!  I find I have the best workouts when I am training with a friend so thanks to all my friends who have been pushing me in the gym! Thanks to you I will always be in great shape AND more importantly be surrounded by wonderful friends!

Have you ever tried working out with your friends?  I must say, I am lucky that most of my friends are very active and workout regularly.  I can see how this could be challenging if your friends don’t exercise as much as you do, but maybe you can encourage/inspire them to start!? After all, most people who don’t workout say it’s because it’s boring or they don’t know where to start, help a friend out and show them how working out can be fun!

Les 🙂



3 thoughts on “Healthy Hangouts

  1. vivinottawa says:

    Love it Les! It’s very true and I’m so glad I have met new friends like you who encourage me to live a healthier lifestyle!

  2. […] As I began living a healthier lifestyle I became acquainted with more people who share my interests and helped me make up my “fit people” support system such as the people at the studio I train at. They have become a second family to me. They make workouts something I look forward to – not something most people dread. Don’t get me wrong – they aren’t health and fitness Nazis. We still have fun and get out for that occasional evening of good food and drinks but for the most part we encourage each other to stay on track by eating clean and working out. My good friend Leslie introduced me to “healthy hangouts” which I think is pretty awesome. Check out her blog post here: Get Fit with Les […]

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