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My Client’s Determination Pays Off…and She Isn’t Done Yet! :)

As you may remember way back in October, I mentioned I was doing a 12 week challenge along with a few of my friends (we have now created a blog called the Fit5Females) and we all set our own goals and set up a plan each month as to how we would get there.  Let me tell you about my client Trisha’s journey as she was the most determined and dedicated throughout the full challenge (no offense to the rest of us!) You might be able to relate to her story…

Here is what Trisha wrote as her “About Me” on our group blog just to give you a glimpse into her fitness journey…

“I’m what you could call a fitness late bloomer. Despite my parents best efforts, growing up I had no interest in sports or vegetables for that matter. While away at University I gained a good freshman 40.  My clothes didn’t fit and I felt so bad about myself. I remember the day my dad sent me a family pic and being so upset when I realized that who I was on the inside didn’t match how I looked on the outside. It was then that I started taking control of my health and fitness. I started working out, caring about my nutrition, and practicing yoga! Today I work in HR by day and teach yoga by night. I love working out and continue to make it a HUGE part of my life. My biggest and ongoing goal is to truly and unconditionally love love love myself! My second goal is to FINALLY wear a bikini for the first time in my life (and I’m talking itsy bitsy). I have worked damn hard to get where I am today and I am so grateful to be surrounded by such ridiculously hilarious and inspiring women as I continue to strive for my goals!”

Trisha started training with me October of 2012.  She had other trainers previous to training with me as she recognized that she needed extra motivation to be consistent with her workouts and really enjoyed being pushed by a trainer.  Even in the past year she has been training me, she has be very dedicated to her training, ate really well during the week and then would treat herself a few too many times on the weekend (Trisha LOVES wine and is a foodie at heart!)  That being said it was very hard for her to get the results she wanted.  I remember many a weigh ins when she would be stressed, speak negatively about herself, break down, tell me “she doesn’t get it, she is trying so hard” or “I don’t know what else I can do” or “I’ll never love my body” even before she stepped on the scale!  I found this so hard (and would actually get upset) because she is one of the most beautiful, generous, hard working, determined and strong people I know!  She just couldn’t see it just yet…not until she committed to this challenge!

You see, the problem she was experiencing before was, she wouldn’t give herself enough time to get the results she was looking for…she would work hard (75% of the time) for 8 weeks and then not be happy with her results and go back to her old habits for a month because she was upset….then after being miserable for a month and feeling bad about herself she would start again.  It really is a vicious cycle but she is not the only one who has done this!! I’m sure many of you can relate (myself included!) 

Long story short, let me tell you the amazing results this woman has achieved after committing herself 110% to her weight loss goals in the past 10 weeks or so (since the beginning of October)…not only has she lost close to 15lbs, 5% body fat and numerous inches (WOOHOO!) she has changed from a person who used to constantly criticize her body and compared herself to others to a woman who feels confident, beautiful and strong and is a force to be reckoned with in the gym!  She has changed from wanting to be “skinny” to striving to be “fit and athletic”.  She embraces her curves, her imperfections and is determined to keep living a healthy lifestyle.  She cooks all of her meals (for her and her boyfriend and sometimes even her trainer!) and eats every 2.5-3 hours religiously.  She drinks 4-5 litres of water a day.  She trains hard with her trainer (moi!) 2 times a week and lifts weights on her own 4 days a week.  She wakes up early to cardio on an empty stomach. She does not eat wheat, dairy or sugar.  So to all of you who think that losing weight is hard, YOU ARE RIGHT! But with the right support, the right attitude and a determined approach you can do it! 

The other thing that Trisha realized today during her weigh in (after we were jumping up and down and giving each other high fives!) is that this is not the end….she is going to continue with this journey….she gets it!  Her next goals are to feel awesome in her bikini for a  beach vacation she is taking in the spring and after that she will be preparing for her very first fitness photo shoot in the summer!  She recognizes that fitness is not a temporary thing, eating healthy is not a diet…this is a lifestyle! It takes effort, practice and dedication! It takes sacrifice and hard work!  But it is worth it 🙂  And the best way to stay on track is to set goals!

I am extremely proud of Trisha for her progress not in the past 3 months since we started the challenge but in the past year or so that we have been working together.  She is a pleasure to be around and she has really inspired me along with many other people around her!  So thank you Trisha for being an amazing client and now an incredible friend (and workout partner!) 

As I have mentioned many times before…if you really want something, set a goal, work your butt off, be patient, imagine yourself reaching your goal and you will!  Trisha has become her own biggest fan (well after me of course) instead of being her own worst enemy and that has made all the difference.  Her body has gotten tighter, leaner and more muscular with smaller boobs (which was one of her goals btw haha small boobs=fit chest) but it is her mental and emotional transformation that is the most exciting to see!

This is just one of the many reasons why I love my job…..I get to work with incredible people like Trisha every day! 

Congrats Trish, I am very proud of you:)  Looking forward to much more success and continuing seeing you progress in 2014!! xo

Happy Holidays everyone 🙂 

Enjoy a few treats, I know I will…but of course, only after a workout 😉





Why I Love Working Out!

This article inspired tonight’s post….if you haven’t read it yet please read from start to finish!

There are many reason why I workout…let me show you the ways…

1. It makes me happy!

2. I feel strong and empowered as I feel comfortable in the gym clothes when I look in the mirror

3. It gives me energy

4. It helps me sleep better

5. There are many different ways to exercise, you don’t have to be limited to the gym

6. It is a fun and healthy way to hang out with a friend.

7. It is my job to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle and exercise, who wants a trainer who doesn’t love working out?!

8. I love how I feel after a workout and I am motivated to eat healthy foods when I am exercising consistently.

9. It is almost meditative during my workout and I enjoy committing that time to myself

10. I am addicted to exercise as it makes me a happier and healthier person 🙂

So for those of you who struggle to stay motivated to workout, or do it just because you feel like you have to or think that it’s the only way to lose weight, take a moment and change your thinking.  Workout because you love your body and because it will make you feel better.  Committing to working out on a regular basis will translate to many other areas of your life.  You should workout not because you hate your body and feel like you HAVE to but because you enjoy the way it makes you feel.  If you feel confident you will look confident. Sticking to a consistent workout routine will help build your confidence, after all being fit and strong feels beautiful.

I try and teach my clients the importance of working out and it’s lifelong benefits, both physically and mentally.  I try and  teach others  the joy of working out by showing them how much I love it.

Why do you workout? And if you don’t workout, what is stopping you?


Les 🙂