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How Leslie Got Her Groove Back!

As you have probably noticed I haven’t been updating my blog or posting as often on my Facebook page…and I am sorry for that!  But don’t worry, I am BACK!

A few things have been preventing me from being as diligent with blogging as I would like to be…

1-I had a lot of fun this summer….coming off an 8 month prep for my fitness competition in April it was really hard not to let loose a bit (in moderation!)   I made more time for friends, fun, good food, vacations, training clients, training for a half marathon, etc…

2-I have fallen in love and have been spending a lot of my free time on the phone/Facetime (yes Sam I blame you!) but this is definitely not something I regret!

3- A very close friend of mine passed away suddenly about a month ago…he died of a massive heart attack at the age of 31…he had established a very successful personal training business…had just competed in the a world championship fitness competition in Las Vegas and was in the best shape of his life….he left behind the love of his life…his family and many close friends and loyal clients….unfortunately  he had a family history of heart problems.  I’ll never forget that night, Tuesday, October 8 around 5 pm…when we found him unconscious in the men’s changeroom and rushed to save him, gave him CPR until the paramedics arrived but it was too late…. yes it happened right in front of us….at my workplace….so unexpected and very traumatic.  I still can’t believe that Honore is gone but I am comforted knowing that he left us happy, successful, in love, fit, sweaty (he had just finished a workout and then cardio with his girlfriend), loved by all who knew him and he definitely lived life with no regrets!

All that being said…I was a bit distracted the past few months!  My nutrition was not where I wanted it to be, my workouts and running was consistent but felt it could have been more focused, my sleep was off and overall I just wasn’t feeling my usual upbeat, energetic and happy self 😦  After Honore’s passing I felt a sudden shift in my outlook on life and my attitude changed!  After a week or two of being very sad (and shocked) about what happened I started to feel more positive, motivated and myself again (thanks Honore for your strength)! I have had a chance to reflect on what is most important to me and what inspires me to be the best I can be everyday…

1. My clients: I want to be a role model for them, I want to inspire them to eat healthy, train hard and take better care of themselves so I MUST practice what I preach ALL THE TIME!

2. My family-I want to make them proud 🙂 and hopefully inspire them to live healthy, active lives too!

3. My boyfriend- I want to be the best I can be for him, physically, mentally, emotionally so we can enjoy a very happy, enjoyable, healthy and successful life together 😉

4. Honore passing away- Seeing how he touched so many lives, and left this world so deeply missed I can only hope to leave behind a legacy as strong as he did.  It’s at times like this (losing someone close to you) that we re-evaluate our own lives and think about what we can do to improve ourselves.  Thanks to Honore for inspiring me to work even harder in the gym, follow my diet, put my heart and soul into everything I do and give everyone I meet and/or train my full attention, and to live my life to the fullest!

So yes, I am human….my motivation isn’t always 100%, getting to the gym and cooking my meals isn’t always EASY and AUTOMATIC but the main message to get from this is DO NOT MAKE EXCUSES FOR TOO LONG!  You may take 1,2,3,4 weeks or maybe months to get yourself back on track but the main thing is you pull yourself off the ground, dust yourself off and JUST DO IT!  There are so many people who have been through tough times and will be there to support you and help lift you up….if you  need help, ASK FOR IT!  If you want time alone to feel bad for yourself TAKE IT! But do your best to see the positive in every situation and remember that you are your own worst enemy…if you don’t want to see progress or get out of your negative mental state YOU WON’T!  It will take time but it helps if you surround yourself by positive people who want the best for you (yes they do exist, believe me!) or to keep a gratitude journal so you can write down everything you are grateful for (it works)!

Long story short….Leslie took a mini vacation from blogging due to unforeseen circumstances but she is officially back!  Stay tuned for more frequent blog postings that I hope will inspire you to GET FIT WITH LES!  I am more motivated than ever!  I am also doing a 12 week challenge with quite a few of my friends and clients….I will keep you posted on how that is going soon…we are going into week 4 (but really week 2 for me!) and are having a lot of fun while we go!

Hit me up with any suggestions you have for future blog posts! I want to know what my readers want to read about…

Thanks for all the love and support these past few weeks, it means so much and has been EXTREMELY helpful during this difficult time xo