Excited to be heading to the Can Fit Pro Conference :)

I don’t often take days off of work (in fact I feel guilty being away from my clients) but I couldn’t resist making a trip to Toronto because I will be attending one of the biggest (and my favourite) fitness events of the year! The CanFitPro conference! (which stands for Canadian Fitness Professionals)  I am currently on the train to Toronto and am extremely excited as I missed last year’s conference.  What am I most excited for?  Jillian Michael’s will be at the opening ceremonies on Friday giving a motivational talk to all the delegates (I LOVE JILLIAN MICHAELS!) I am also looking forward to running into my fitness friends, former coworkers (from Goodlife) and hopefully meeting new people as well!

I have registered for a variety of courses led by different presenters; yoga workshops, nutrition tips, different training principles, new workout routines, personal training business seminars, and many more! I will be attending sessions from 8am-6pm Friday, Saturday and then finish at 3 on Sunday (I think).  There are going to be presenters and delegates from all over the world who all share a passion for fitness!  It’s an amazing event to be a part of!  I always leave feeling extra motivated and energized and full of information to share with my clients and coworkers.  If you have never been to the CanFitPro conference, you should go or at least visit the HUGE trade show! It’s hard to resist buying everything in sight!  You don’t have to be a trainer or fitness instructor, anyone can attend!  There are soooooo many courses to choose from…actually I always find it so hard deciding which ones to take!

 Even though this will be my fourth time attending the conference I look forward to it every year.  There are always new presenters, fitness trends and nutritional/supplement information. Yes I’ve been a trainer for 5 years and yes I know A LOT about the fitness industry BUT I refuse to learning and love the fact that I will never know everything there is to know! I think that continuing your education should be a requirement in every profession, there are endless opportunities to grow and enhance your knowledge. 

I’ll be arriving in Toronto around noon today so I will have lots of time to have lunch, pick up my delegate kit and then head to the gym for a workout (there is an awesome Goodlife on Yonge St)!  I’m also excited to spend some quality time with my sisters and my mom AND my sister’s boyfriend of course!

That’s all for now!  Stay tuned for updates from the conference…

 Les 🙂

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