Are you good at balancing??

And I’m not talking about balancing on one leg or on your head (although good for you if you can!) I am referring to your ability to balance your daily activities in life!  Work, kids, relationships, working out, eating healthy, sleeping, resting, going to school, shopping, paying bills, travelling, volunteering, THE LIST GOES ON!  The concept of BALANCE is different for everyone but it is something that I am still trying to master.

Here is a glimpse into ‘a day in the life of’ ME:

5am Wakeup

5:05am Start making breakfast/while checking emails/facebook

5:15 am Eat breakfast

5:25 am Make sure all my meals are packed for the day (5 meals of course plus a post workout meal/shake)

5:45 am Get dressed (sometimes I shower 😉 haha) Yep I take 5 minutes to get ready lol (no makeup and hair in a ponytail)

5:50 am Pack my gym back and double check to make sure that I have all my food for the day

6 am Leave for work (on Mon/Wed/Fri I start work at 6 am so I will get up a bit earlier)

6:30am-7:30pm Train clients (I train 7-9 clients a day and make sure to schedule a 90 minute break for my workout everyday and 30 minute breaks to eat haha!)

8 pm Get home and unpack cooler and start cooking for the next day (if I need to, usually cook most meals on Sunday)

9:30pm Check Facebook/unwind

10:30pm BED (sometimes later depending on how much work I have to do designing meal plans/workout programs etc)

NOW if you’ll notice this does NOT include any socializing with friends, grocery shopping, breaks, tv watching, or much free time which is something that I am now MAKING time for (funny as most people have to make/find time for exercise, I am the opposite!)  So in order to do this I am currently finishing early on Wednesdays and I don’t work weekends 🙂 I have found this has been working very well so far!  Now I just have to keep it up! Establishing new habits takes time and I am being kind to myself if I get carried away (which I easily do ie overbook myself etc).  The key to getting better is to be AWARE of my weakness (being too busy, filling my schedule, not making enough ME time) and well I am very aware! 

As mentioned above I need to get better at scheduling ME time, which usually ends up being my time to workout out or go to a yoga class.  I am lucky and have a friend who teaches me private yoga twice per week at the studio where I work (amazing!) and then I train her in exchange for her time! I also like to treat myself to a mani/pedi, a massage once a month, and I also enjoy getting my hair done, these all count as time allotted to ME!

So when it comes to balance what areas do you think need more attention?? Are you aware of imbalances in your life or are you too extreme one way or the other.  I can tell when I’m ‘unbalanced’ as I start to get really tired, or sick or my friends start worrying about me as I am never available!   It’s amazing what a difference it makes when you have a balanced lifestyle.  You will benefit mentally, emotionally and physically and you’ll be able to keep friends (who doesn’t want friends?!).  Don’t get caught up in the rat race and suffer from the problem that most people complain about…”I don’t have any time!” You are in control of your life, so make yourself a priority, decide what’s important and what’s not so important and start creating balance in your life! Here’s a great article to read that gives 10 tips for leading a healthy, balanced life.

Any other tips you’d like to share that will help others who are looking to live a more balanced life?



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