One more week to go! My life will be back to normal in no time!

Do you ever wake up some mornings before your alarm feeling very rested and are so wide awake that you just bounce out of bed? This happened to me this morning at 4:30am! It’s crazy since I am in my final week of preparing for my figure competition and the last 2 months it has been hell waking up before 5am to do my cardio.  Something clicked either last night or this morning and my body was like COME ON LESLIE YOU CAN DO THIS!  So here I am with all this energy writing a quick blog post today, let’s hope it lasts!

My day is a little less busy today so I have already done my laundry, I am getting ready to go to a yoga class before I head back to work.  Then tonight I will be meeting up with a few girls to practice my posing (doing a t walk on stage in heels and a tiny bikini is not something that comes naturally to me, it takes lots of practice!)

I am really really excited for the show next Saturday but what I am most excited about is to have more free time! It is crazy how training for a competition takes up so much of one’s time-from grocery shopping, to cooking, to packing/measuring all my meals, hours of cardio, weight training (which I love), sleeping…it really feels like a part time job on top of my full time job where I usually work from 6am-7:30pm everyday (thank god I LOVE WHAT I DO!)

Things I am looking forward to when the competition is over:
1. My very first meal after the show…I am still not sure what I will feel like eating but it’s going to taste AMAZING!

2. My vacation! I am going away for a week to visit university friends in the states and go to a wedding in Norman, Oklahoma, WOOHOO!!

3. Eating fruit!

4. Having a social life-a competition diet and training is very demanding, doesn’t leave much time for a social life.  But I’ll be honest, even though I have not had any alcohol in almost 4 months, I don’t miss it at all and don’t plan on drinking very often (except maybe at the wedding in a few weeks and my birthday in June!)

5. Starting a new workout routine! I have been doing a body building/hypertrophy program for 7 months! I am looking forward to mixing things up, thinking about doing some kettle bell conditioning and circuit training workouts! I LOVE KETTLEBELLS!

6. Running outside! I might even sign up to run the Army Half in September, I love that race!

7. Trying new recipes 🙂 Yep SO many great recipes I can’t wait to try!

8. Blogging! I have been too busy to blog, I am not letting myself get behind on my blog anymore! I am determined to blog at least once a week 🙂

9. Doing more yoga! One thing I noticed during my competition prep was how out of balance my life becomes and what usually grounds me? YOGA! I haven’t had any time/didn’t make time to do yoga and this will be a priority when I am done.  I also plan to start teaching again this summer.  Stay tuned for when I’ll be teaching yoga 🙂

10. Having energy! I haven’t been myself lately (ask my clients and co workers they will tell you) so as soon as I can eat more food and do less cardio I will be back to being the energetic Leslie you’ve all been missing 😉

I still can’t believe how fast the past 7 months has flown by!  What a journey it has been though! I have learned a lot not just about preparing for a show but about myself.  I will be posting a blog after my competition with my thoughts and will discuss the ups and downs 🙂

Have a fabulous weekend!

Les 🙂

2 thoughts on “One more week to go! My life will be back to normal in no time!

  1. Crystal says:

    I love you Leslie!!!! You are going to rock that stage!!! And P.S. I must say I was a little sad to see that you forgot to add in a #11 for “Hanging out with my cool friend Crystal” 😉
    I don’t think I will be able to make it out to see you compete in Montreal, but we definitely have to celebrate shortly after!!!

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