What causes food cravings??

Just a short post tonight explaining why most people get food cravings.  In my next post I will share the ways that I deal with my cravings/desires for not so healthy food while following my very strict diet to prepare for my upcoming fitness competition…

There are many reasons why people have cravings and it totally depends on the individual. The reason behind food cravings can be as simple as not eating the right balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates which your body needs in order to function optimally. Cravings can also be a sign of vitamin or mineral deficiency.

A person who is a protein type (whose body functions optimally on a high protein low carbohydrate diet) can often crave salty or fatty foods. But if a protein type consumes too many carbohydrates in their diet they will find themselves craving sugar. A person who is a  mixed-type (whose body functions optimally on a balance of protein and carbohydrates) generally won’t have cravings for sweet or salty foods;  but if their diet is out of balance and they consume either too much  protein or too much carbohydrates they can find themselves suffering from cravings. A person who is a carbohydrate type (whose body functions optimally on a higher balance of carbohydrates) can crave sugary foods when not enough protein is consumed in their diets.  (If you are not sure what type you are, pick up a book called “The Metabolic Typing Diet” or make an appointment to meet with someone who is Metabolic Typing certified.  You will be required to fill out a lengthy questionnaire.)

Another reason craving for certain foods can start could be a sign that the body is deficient in a certain vitamin or mineral. You can have blood tests done to find out if you’re vitamin or mineral deficient.  Here is a list of a few common cravings and what nutrients the body may need. (Source: LivingPaleo.com)

Craving… What your body may really need… Healthy food options that have it…
Chocolate Magnesium Raw nuts and seeds, fruits
Bread, toast Nitrogen High protein foods, fish, meat, nuts, beans
Sweets Chromium Carbon Phosphorus Sulfur Tryptophan Broccoli, grapes, dried beans, calves liver, chicken, fruits, chicken, beef, liver, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, cranberries, horseradish, cruciferous vegetables, kale, cabbage Liver, lamb, raisins, sweet potato, spinach, cheese (not paleo)
Fatty/oily foods Calcium Broccoli, kale, sesame seeds. turnip greens, cheese (not paleo)
Alcohol Protein Avenin Calcium Glutamine Potassium Meat, poultry, seafood, nuts, broccoli, kale, sesame seeds. turnip green, meat, chicken, fish, eggs, bitter greens, seaweed, apricots, bananas, fish, meat
Coffee / tea Phosphorus  Sodium Chloride (salt) Iron Chicken, beef, liver, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts Sea salt, apple cider vinegar, red meat, seaweed, greens, black cherries
Carbonated drinks   (ie. Coke) Calcium Broccoli, kale, sesame seeds. turnip greens, cheese (not paleo)
Salty foods Chloride Raw goats milk (not paleo), fish, sea salt
General overeating Zinc Silicon Tryptophan Tyrosine Red meat, seafood, leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, liver, lamb, raisins, sweet potato, spinach, cheese (not paleo), green vegetables, red fruits

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  1. Tess says:

    Great post!

  2. Monto says:

    amazing, thanks so much.

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