Persistence pays off!

It is hard to explain this to people sometimes and I feel as though I am repeating myself all the time but I feel like I have to remind people over and over again….NEVER GIVE UP!

Persistence is extremely important in weight loss just as it is in any area of your life. When you first decide to lose weight , you are excited about making a change in your life, improving your health and the shape of your body, etc, especially at the beginning.

And then after about a month of doing your best to stick to a clean eating regime and working out everyday, sometime the motivation starts to become less and less.  And then workouts are missed, grocery shopping doesn’t happen as often and old habits start to creep back in (sound familiar?)

Losing weight (as we all know) is NOT easy and does not happen as quickly as we would all like it to.  Even though you follow a healthy diet and regular workout routine sometimes you will hit a plateau, and that’s where it gets tough, and is usually where most people would give up.  (Having a trainer can really help with this!)

So have you ever gotten to the point where you weight loss stalls (or maybe you gain weight)?! ARGH SO FRUSTRATING!  You are probably telling yourself “oh well, no one cares anyway” or “what’s the point, this is as good as I’m going to look” or “there isn’t anything more I can do” but the truth is no one cares and no one will know whether you’ve plateaued or given up…ONLY YOU (the most important person) will know!  So why not KEEP GOING!

When you persist and continue to stick to your weight loss goals and workout plan then you will reach your goal physique/body fat/body weight/pant/dress size. You will not only need to persist once but maybe even 2 or 3 or 100 times before you reach your goal.  Ask my clients how many times we have had to have a “sit down” conversation to re-evaluate training plans, meal plans, goals and progress…I do the same thing with myself every month! If something isn’t working then try something else but NEVER STOP MOVING FORWARD!

Weight loss isn’t always easy (trust me, I know personally and because it is my job to help people lose weight) however if you do persist and KEEP GOING especially when you are feeling lazy, unmotivated, full of excuses, bored etc and your persistence will pay off and YOU WILL REACH YOUR GOAL!  It is more of a mental struggle then anything else…once you get your mind right your body will follow 🙂 Believe you can and you will!

Les 🙂

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