Be your own biggest fan!

“You look awful in those jeans. Oh my gosh, you’re so fat!  Why do you even workout? There’s no point.  You’re never gonna lose weight.”

 Sound familiar? Are these thoughts coming from you? Many women (and men) who struggle with their weight have persistent negative thoughts about themselves. These thoughts decrease our self esteem and can lead to feelings of hopelessness, doubt and discouragement.

Want to learn some tricks that will help boost your self confidence? Well read below because what’s even more important than working hard in the gym and eating clean is cheering yourself on!

According to Oxygen magazine “repeating an encouraging statement can help you push through that last set at the gym, overcome a plateau or put the brakes on a cranky mood”.  I couldn’t agree more! 

Here are some ‘rules’ for positive self talk…

1-Keep wishy washy language out of your personal self talk-avoid words like ‘maybe’ and ‘can’t’.

2- Keep it positive! Turn negative thoughts upside down.  Instead of saying something like “I won’t eat any bad foods”, tell yourself, “I’m eating healthy, clean foods!” Focusing on the positive goes a LONG way!

3-Keep in in the present! Give yourself a pat on the back for what you’re doing now, rather than what you plan to do later or dwelling on what you haven’t done or should’ve done.  Instead of “I’m going to get abs!” tell yourself, “Holding this plank is great for my abs”

4-Keep it realistic-Avoid exaggerating.  Instead of saying “I am the fittest woman in the world!’ (which you might be!) say, “I am the fittest I have ever been!” This will help you believe in your self-talk and make the process feel more natural.

5-Keep it focused on you-Use “I” statements.  Instead of “Working out makes me stronger”, tell yourself, “I am stronger thanks to my workouts (and my trainer haha ;))”.  Doing this puts YOU in control.

6-Remember where you started! This is a big one and something that many of us forget.  When you are having a down day or are being hard on ourselves because our body/mind might not quite be where we want it to be…think about where you started, how you felt, what you looked like, how often you were working out…and THAT should bring a smile to your face and will motivate you to keep going!

In order to effectively practice these techniques and increase positive self-talk, you need to have awareness that you’re being critical. One of the ways you can recognize negative self talk or persistent anxiety is to tune into how you’re feeling (I find that practicing yoga or meditation really helps with this). Maybe you’re feeling low or anxious or have a knot in your stomach. Check in with yourself and ask: “What am I thinking about?”

Simply by stepping back and giving yourself a moment, you start taking charge of your mind and begin to realize how much thinking influences your mood and your being.  As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, permanent, healthy weight loss isn’t just about nutrition and exercise. It’s about a different way of thinking and living. Consider how negative self talk prevents weight loss success and use these rules as a simple strategy to help you feel positive and stay motivated to continue your healthy living efforts.

Les 🙂

2 thoughts on “Be your own biggest fan!

  1. JC says:

    You can also leverage social media apps as tools for practicing positive self-talk. A study found that using Twitter to brag about the little victories helps you stay on track.

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