It’s been a year already???

I was  just looking back through my old posts and realized that October 22, 2011 was when I wrote my very first post!  Wow over a year of blogging already?? Although I have spent many many hours coming up with ideas and writing new posts a few times a week, I have found it to be very worthwhile and extremely rewarding and have become even more motivated in doing so, after all I must practice what I preach! I only hope that my blog has inspired a few people to become more active and make healthier choices when it comes to eating.

So thank you to all my readers/followers, friends, family and clients for consistently visiting my page, commenting, liking, and sharing on Facebook!  If it weren’t for having such a huge support group and followers I don’t think I would have such a desire to continue sharing my health and fitness inspiration and tips with you 🙂

Keep checking back for more, I’ll be posting again this weekend (a request from a friend of mine)!

I am starting early tomorrow so it’s bed time for me 🙂

Another big THANK YOU to all my readers!  You are the ones who inspired me to start a blog in the first place 😉


Les 🙂


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