Wedding weekend in Hamilton :)

Holy cow it’s cold outside!!!  With the winter approaching my days are getting busier and busier (that’s a good thing).  I can’t believe it’s Friday already and I’m off to Hamilton/Ancaster for a good friend of mine’s wedding (Meghan Boyle) tomorrow! 🙂 Even though I am getting busier with clients, I can tell I’m extremely motivated these past few weeks as I have not skipped a single workout and I have been pushing myself and sticking to my meal plan 🙂 how about YOU?!

I have heard many people blame the colder weather for one of their many reasons not to exercise and since today is the first cold day we’ve had I want to snap you out of hibernation mode or ” being lazy-storing more body fat and not fitting into your clothes” mode before it’s too late by providing you with a few motivational posters…

Stop making excuses and thinking about getting in better shape and eating clean and make it happen!  If you have time to watch tv and spend hours on Facebook you have time to exercise and cook your own healthy meals!! JUST DO IT!

Need help getting motivated!? You know how to reach me 😉

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! And congrats to Meg and Phil on your wedding day tomorrow :):)

Les 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Wedding weekend in Hamilton :)

  1. JC says:

    too early pfft. epinephrine, norepinephrine rise quickly in the morning, cortisol and testosterone peak in the morning, early is a great time to work out. Too cold? pfft, exercise warms you up, otherwise you stay cold. Legs sore? My legs were sore yesterday, I did an upper body workout. Up late? well… I dont know, fix your sleep, dont plan to fail.

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