There’s no place like home…

Even if it takes over 8 hours driving to get here!  The last time I was home (new home-Southampton (small resort town on Lake Huron/Bruce County), not Ancaster (where I grew up) for the past 6 years ago) was in July for our good friend’s wedding.  I always dread the thought of the long drive (especially having to go through Toronto traffic) but once I get here it’s like all my worries are left behind.  I always step out of my car when I pull into my parents’ lane way, take in a big breath of fresh air and feel the corners of my mouth lift 🙂 as my parents come rushing out the front door to greet me full of excitement, huge hugs and smiles.  The best part is that mom has the fridge full of healthy food and dad has the ‘other’ fridge full of refreshing beverages 😉  No beers for me this weekend though as I am committed to my challenge of drinking only water this month! 

There really is no place like home!  Thanksgiving weekend is my most favourite time of year, especially when I spend it in Southampton.  The leaves are changing colours, the weather is cool but comfortable (the perfect temperature for family walks), the smell of campfires and turkeys in the oven fills the air, and the best part is I get to spend time with the people who are the most important people in my life, MY FAMILY!  We stay up late having some of the best conversations and trying to solve all the problems of the world.

I feel like time flies when I’m here, but I still make time to workout!!  I already plan on running in the morning and then heading to the gym later in the day.  What’s even better is the gym is just up the hill and around the corner (super convenient!) so no excuses, especially knowing that I will eating a few extra calories than I normally do 😉  Gotta burn off the turkey and pumpkin pie so I can enjoy it guilt-free!

What workouts are the best to do when you have limited time or don’t want to spend too much time away from your family at Thanksgiving (or maybe you are looking for an excuse to get away for a bit)?  My top 2 choices are high intensity interval training (HIIT) or circuit training (grouping 3-10 exercises together in a row with minimal breaks).  Why?? These styles of training are more time efficient (take less time) and because you work at a higher intensity you will burn more fat and increase your endurance!

Try this HIIT workout.  It takes 8 minutes (or more if you want) and the only equipment you need is your body, your watch and a pair of running shoes:

30 second brisk walk, 30 second sprint, repeat 7 more times (8 minutes total)-increase the length of your sprint for more of a challenge…you can also do up to 15 rounds depending on your fitness level!

Or this circuit you can do at home…

1 minute body weight squats

1 minute pushups (on your knees is okay too)

1 minute alternating lunges

1 minute dips (off the edge of a chair)

1 minute plank

1 min wall sit

1 minute ice skaters (hop sideways from one foot to the other)

30 second side plank (both sides)

1 minute step ups (use a bench or steps in your home/switch legs)

1 minute jumping jacks

Repeat 2-3 times.  Total time=30 minutes 🙂

If you’re not feeling up to these workouts, a good old family walk is just as good! Plus it’s more fun to catch up with the fam and get some fresh air while burning off your Thanksgiving dinner…

Anyone else love going home for the holidays? Do you have a hard time getting your workouts in? Or do you make time to stay in shape? 

Happy Thanksgiving!! 

Les 🙂


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