What inspires you??

As many of you may notice, I write this blog in hopes of inspiring people to live a healthier (and happier) lifestyle.  I have been asked by many people what “inspires’ me and to be honest, it’s hard to define what inspires me.  I find it even more difficult helping other people find their inspiration, but I try my hardest let me tell you! Ask my clients!

Why am I writing about inspiration??  Because it is an amazing feeling when you are inspired!! It is what pushes us to do great things!  It comes in many forms-people, art, music, blogs, nature-no matter what form it takes, inspiration is what moves us to dream, to make plans and sparks the desire to move out of our ‘comfort zone’ and learn or achieve something bigger.  Inspiration can be that little push we need to turn a thought into an action.

When I was younger and playing competitive sports I was always inspired by a CHALLENGE!! If it was fighting for a starting spot on the team, overcoming an injury, being told that I needed to improve in a certain skill, a concept in school I didn’t quite get, someone telling me that I couldn’t do something…whatever it was, as soon as I put my mind to something I was dead set on achieving it! Has anyone else experienced this??

As I’ve matured and entered the working world I am inspired by the people around me.  I always strive to be the best at what I do (I can blame my parents for this who set very high standards and had high expectations of us growing up (thanks mom and dad!), and the fact that I am a bit of a perfectionist) I can remember when I first started working at Goodlife, I was fascinated and ‘inspired’ by the trainers who loved their job and had a waiting list of clients wanting to train with them.  So what did I do?? I worked my butt off to become the best trainer I could be and ended up having a consistently full schedule of clients.

A few years later, some trainers left Goodlife and started their own personal training businesses and became very successful.  So what did I do?? I got inspired and took the plunge and started my own business even though many people told me it was ‘risky’ and I should ‘take my time’ but I knew that if the other trainers could do it I could do it!  And so far (in only 9 months) things are going very well and I believe that I have established a solid reputation in the fitness industry.

When it comes to working out and what inspires me to stay fit I would have to say my clients are the reason I stay in great shape.  Not only do I LOVE to exercise (and often) but I am constantly inspired seeing how hard my clients work to improve their own health and fitness that I have no choice to be one step ahead of them 😉  So thank you to my clients for pushing me to achieve such a high level of fitness, where would I be without you all?! Bet you didn’t even know you were inspiring your trainer??

I also find inspiration from reading other people’s blogs.   It doesn’t matter what the topic of their blog is but just reading  about what someone else is truly passionate about inspires me 🙂

So here is my advice to you- once you’ve discovered what inspires you, it’s time to use it!  What is the general urge you get when you see/feel/experience these inspiring things?  Does it make you want to backpack around Europe?  Does it make you want to take a yoga class?  Perhaps it makes you want to run a marathon?  Whatever your sources of inspiration are telling you, WRITE IT DOWN!   Make a little list of the dreams that your sources of inspiration are pointing to.  These are things that are important to you, things that drive your happiness.  It’s necessary to discover these before you can live life to the fullest!

So what inspires you?? I’m curious, so please share!!!

Now if you’re one of those people who struggles to find inspiration hopefully now you will start to think of things that you’ve always wanted to do but never seem to go for as you keep telling yourself ‘it’s impossible’ or ‘that’s never going to happen’.  Well guess what?  It’s never too late to start!  You are the only one holding yourself back from accomplishing your goals…and always remember this…


Stop dreaming and start writing down your goals, come up with a plan/date you would like to achieve them by and then put your  plan into action!  That’s right-JUST DO IT!

Les 🙂

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