“There are no tricks, there is only hard work…”

Alright my wonderful blog followers! I’ll have to admit, coming back from holidays (almost 2 weeks of being away from home, not eating my regular meals and missing some workouts) has been tough but thanks to being a full time personal trainer and working in a gym with a fantastic team and having a super supportive boyfriend I am back on track!  The break was much needed but can’t last forever!!

This morning I woke up early and had an awesome cardio session with my friend Rob on the Step Mill (great timing) then this afternoon I had a killer chest and back workout with my friend Honore.  To be honest though I wouldn’t have pushed myself as hard as I did if it weren’t for having someone else there to push me.  You’re probably confused and saying to yourself  “wait a second, I thought Leslie LOVED to workout and works hard in the gym?” Well don’t get me wrong I do and I workout hard almost everyday (sometimes twice a day) but I also like to give it 110% when I train.  It is much easier to slack off when you work out on your own (right?)  but in order to see results you must push yourself and not just go through the motions, especially if you’ve been working out for a long time.  Hence the reason why I am a firm believer in having a training partner or better yet, a personal trainer 🙂 They hold you accountable, call you out when you’re slacking, make working out fun and help you out with those last few reps 🙂

Still feeling unmotivated?? Maybe these pictures/posters will lift your spirits or PUMP YOU UP!

You probably were already aware of all the benefits of exercise but we could all be reminded once in awhile…

HAHA Funny that Rob mentioned something similar to this while doing cardio today, SO TRUE!

Has exercise and a healthy lifestyle become a habit for you yet?? If not, read below…it will one day! Just stick with it!

…and finally…words I live by…and practice daily…

Hope that this blog post helps boost your enthusiasm towards working out and get you pumped up about achieving your fitness goals!

And one more to leave you with, I wish I could say that I came up with this…

Have a great weekend,

Les 🙂


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