Assess your eating habits to help change your behaviours related to food!

The problem that most of us have when it comes to changing our eating habits is figuring out where to start?? This is the hardest part especially if you’re not sure what your weaknesses are.  I found a simple rating scale from a book called “The Runner’s Diet” that only takes a few minutes to complete.  Be honest with your answers, total your score and you’ll have a good idea of where you need to begin!

Eating Awareness Rating Scale

Answer each question and keep track of your total points.

1. Do you think before you eat?

a. Never. I eat everything in sight, I’d eat the napkin if I could. (+1)

b. Occasionally. (+2)

c. Almost always. Nothing goes in my mouth without my thinking about it. (+3)

2. Are you able to easily stop eating?

a. Forget it. I eat until my plate looks like it’s gone through the car wash. (+1)

b. Sometimes, but usually I’m pretty full. (+2)

c. I always stop before I’m completely full. (+3)

3. Do you count calories in an effort to maintain or lose weight?

a. Hardly ever. It’s such a hassle. (+1)

b. Sometimes, but I always try to look at labels. (+2)

c. I have an Excel spreadsheet from the past year. (+3) (In my opinion it is not necessary to count calories to this extreme…)

4. Do you eat breakfast?

a. Does coffee count? (+1)

b. Sometimes, when I remember or squeeze something in. (+2)

c. Almost always, I make a point of it. (+3) (The answer should be ALWAYS to get full points)

5. Do you snack in between meals? (In my opinion, this scoring system should be reversed, except substitute Doritos with healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, veggies etc)

a. All the time. My middle name is Dorito. (+1)

b. Sometimes, if food is around. (+2)

c. Almost never. I’m usually never hungry between meals. (+3)

6. Do you tend to eat most of your calories in the evening?

a. Yes, I’m too busy during the day to eat. (+1)

b. Not really, though it does happen. (+2)

c. I usually spread my calories out through the day. (+3)

7. Do you pay attention to the texture and mouthfeel of different foods? 

a. Huh? What’s mouthfeel? (+1)

b. Occasionally, if I like the food. (+2)

c. Always, I have a degree in food appreciation. (+3)

8. Do you eat when you’re stressed out? 

a. How do I spell relief? I-C-E C-R-E-A-M. (+1)

b. Sometimes. I occasionally have bad days. (+2)

c. Rarely. I use other ways to deal with it. (+3)

9. Do you eat when you’re bored?

a. All the time. (+1)

b. Occasionally, but I try to stop myself. (+2)

c. No, only when I’m hungry. (+3)

10. Do you do a lot of eating when you’re alone?

a. Most of my eating is by myself. (+1)

b. Sometimes, but not every day. (+2)

c. Not at all. I usually eat with others. (+3)

Your eating awareness score=            

Your score:

24-30: You have pretty good control over your eating environment.  You  may eat too much at times, but you know you’re doing it.   You have reasonable control and don’t do much “mindless eating.”  You may need to work on consistency to stay on track for weight loss.  Your major changes will be in activity.

16-23: You are uneven in your approach to food.  Although there is some “mindless eating” to minimize, you lack control in many areas.  One area will be in consistency.  If you’re a regular exerciser, the eating program will be your area of focus.

15 or less: Your eating is out of control, meaning that you’re doing a lot of “mindless eating.” Whether or not your exercise is on track, you still need to make significant changes in your eating to lose weight.  You may need to beef up your eating skills and your activity skills.

So how did you do?? Any thoughts or feedback on this quiz??

Les 🙂



2 thoughts on “Assess your eating habits to help change your behaviours related to food!

  1. ChrisG says:

    +20 … hmmm yup I need to be working on my diet. I think its time to start refocusing my training!

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