I just want to lose the last 10-15 pounds…

How many of you have said this  before or for the trainers out there have heard your clients talk about their never ending attempt to lose the last 10 pounds?  Well guess what? YOU CAN but it’s not easy!

There are many different opinions, diets, workouts and boot camps that promise to help you lose the “last 10 pounds” but to be honest if you like to drink wine/beer, have a hard time saying no to eating out a few times a week with your friends and don’t lift weights and/or do cardio at least 3 times a week you’ll have a hard time losing the last 10-15 lbs!   To change your body/lose body fat it requires consistent effort, sacrifice (limit alcohol/junk food/late nights), hard work in the gym, lots of time spent preparing meals.  There is no quick fix! If you want to look and feel good you must change your mindset, stop focusing on the diet and looking at it as though you are depriving yourself but instead focus on eating clean and giving your body the food it loves and needs consistently!  And keep in mind that it takes time! A good rate for fat loss is 1-2 lb per week…BUT when it is the last 10 pounds it may take a bit longer.  Personally I have been attempting to lose 5-8% body fat (or 12-15 lbs) and it has taken almost 3 months, and I am still working on it.  Keep in mind I am a personal trainer who trains hard, eats very well and knows what it takes to drop body fat.

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As you know I love lists so here are some suggestions that will help you lose the last 10 lbs…

1. Pick a date! If you have a deadline you’re more likely to stick to your goal…but be realistic, I would give yourself at least 6 weeks in order to see a noticeable difference in your weight/body fat.

2. Write down everything you eat!!  Keeping track helps as you’ll be more aware of your eating habits.  You’ll also be less tempted to grab a donut and eat a bag of potato chips if you have to write it down…

3. Track your measurements- Find a scale that calculates your body fat % and your body weight.  Also use a tape measure to track changes in your body shape, I usually measure the chest (around the nipple line), the belly (use the belly button as a landmark) and around the hips (the widest part of your hips/butt).  Remember the way your clothes fit (and how you look naked) is a better indicator that you’re losing weight than seeing a lower number on the scale 😉

4. Hire a trainer! Many people get into a routine with their workouts (ie do the same thing everytime) and well your body ain’t gonna change if you keep doing the same thing all the time!   People who workout with a personal trainer get results 80% percent faster than on their own, why?? Many reasons but the biggest one is ACCOUNTABILITY and you will work harder with a trainer than on your own, I know a few good ones 😉

5. Try to go two weeks without any alcohol/bread/sugar/chips aka NO UNHEALTHY FOOD!  It’s almost like doing a detox and it works.  Also focus on getting 6-8 hours sleep every night….

6. Last but not least CHANGE UP YOUR WORK OUT!!  Or if you’re not working out, you better start now!!  If you are someone who loves to do cardio everyday, try lifting weights 3 days a week, full body workouts are best.  If you hit the weights hard but still find you can’t shed the last few pounds try doing cardio on your off days or before or after your workout.  OR even better, try circuit training so you get the benefits of lifting weights while improving your cardio.


Any other tips from those of you have mastered losing the last 10 pounds and have kept it off?

I met Tommy Europe  last year when he came to Ottawa, did his boot camp and LOVED IT!  I was sore for DAYS after that!  I love his show called “The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp” and he also just came out with a book called “The 10lb Shred”. which I haven’t had a chance to pick up yet.

I would love to be a celebrity trainer…and write a book…and have my own show….maybe one day….

Have a great weekend!  I’m heading to Southampton to spend some quality time with my family and friends and more importantly celebrating a good friend of mine who is getting married!!! Can’t wait!! Guess who won’t be drinking or eating a lot at the wedding tho…yep, I gotta stay lean for my photo shoot next week!! Oh not to mention that alcohol isn’t part of a healthy diet 😉

Les 🙂

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