Benefits of Circuit Training

Sorry for the delay in posting but I have a bit of an excuse…my sister flew into Ottawa on Friday afternoon and I have been spending lots of quality time with her 🙂 Actually one of the first things we did when she arrived was a workout at the studio where I work! (LC Fitness Studio)

Since Katie told me and I quote “I want you to kick my butt” I decided to put her through a full body circuit (my favourite type of workout!)  We did 3 circuits in total that consisted of 4 exercises each.  She did each exercise one after the other with no breaks and performed 12-15 reps of each.  She would rest about 1 minute after each circuit was complete (4 exercises then rest) Each circuit was performed 3 times.  She worked up quite a sweat.

Circuit #1

DB Squat to Press

Single Leg Squats with Jungle Gym XT (similar to the TRX)


Wide Grip Pulldowns

Circuit #2

Floor Chest Press with Dumbbells with Double Leg Raises (Press the Dumbbells then do the leg raise)

Ice Skaters (using cones as targets about 6 feet apart, starting at one cone, swing arms sideways, push off the outside foot, shift and hop from one leg to the other, side to side, staying low)

Jungle Gym XT Body Row

Kettlebell Swings 30lbsx20 reps

Circuit #3

Overhead Tricep Extensions on the Jungle Gym XT

Single Leg Side Step ups on a bench with dumbbells

DB Bicep Curls

Jungle Gym XT Plank with Pike Lifts

Sorry I didn’t get photos of each exercise but one of these days I will!  I was having too much fun kicking her butt while training her that I forgot to take photos!

Top 5 reasons why I love circuit training a.k.a. the Benefits…

1. Get maximum results in minimal time!

2. You get a full body workout!

3. It offers the best of both worlds-strength training AND cardio!

4. Kicks your metabolism into high-gear!

5. You won’t get bored of your workout!

There you have it!

Now some of you may be unsure how to design a circuit workout.  Feel free to contact me for some tips (all first clients get their first session FREE!) or you can check out this article from SHAPE.COM for some ideas.

Feel free to post your thoughts on circuit training and share what your favourite circuit training routines are!?

Les 🙂


2 thoughts on “Benefits of Circuit Training

  1. Dave says:

    Good work on giving your sister a great workout and on the workout ideas! I will be using some of these workouts during next week’s training!

  2. Thanks Dave! Let me know how the circuit training goes! I would love to help you design you next program…

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