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Do you eat cereal for breakfast? Then you’re not eating enough!

It’s like eating just rice for lunch or dinner.   Sounds like a balanced meal right?? NOT!  In the olden days, cereal was never sold as a solo breakfast food. You may remember the commercials that advertised a bowl of cereal as a “healthy part of this nutritious breakfast”. That nutritious breakfast included a glass of milk, a piece of fresh fruit and either a couple eggs or a few slices of bacon. Breakfast is THE most important meal of the day.   By skipping the cereal (and it doesn’t matter how healthy it is) and going for a high protein breakfast that gets at least 30% of its calories from eggs/egg whites or another source of protein, you’ll find that you will retain much less water throughout the day and your resting metabolism will increase about 20%.  In other words, a high protein breakfast (30% of total calories coming from protein) will make you feel less bloated, make your pants fit more comfortably, help you burn more calories just sitting at your desk and give you enough energy to get your day off on the right foot.  Just because North Americans have been doing something for generations (eating cereal) doesn’t mean it is a good thing. Look at how overweight our society has become! There are some children that are very obese starting at a young age.  This is proof that we’ve been doing breakfast wrong for generations and it is time we started doing it right!

So get up a few minutes earlier, skip the cereal and try these breakfast options instead….

1-Egg white omelette with loads of veggies, 1/4 of an avocado, 2 slices of turkey bacon, 1 large glass of water, 1 green tea

2-Protein Crepes

3-Protein Smoothie (1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, 1-2 cups of water/almond milk, 1 cup of frozen berries, 1/2 banana, 1/4 cup of plain greek yogurt) Blend and enjoy!

4-1/4 cup of Scottish oats (or any dry oats) with 1/4 cup of chopped walnuts, 1/2 tsp of cinnamon, 1/4 of almond milk + 1 hard boiled egg, 3 hard boiled egg whites + 1/2 grapefruit + 1 cup water, 1 green tea


Or any other combinations of foods that contain PROTEIN (eggs/egg whites, greek yogurt, whey protein powder, turkey bacon), COMPLEX CARBS (preferably fruits and vegetables), HEALTHY FAT (avocado, nuts, all natural peanut/almond butter, olive oil) and VOILA, you have created a healthy, complete and balanced meal!

So to all you breakfast cereal lovers out there, I hope you consider waking up a few minutes earlier and swapping out the cereal with something more substantial.  Worst case scenario, it doesn’t help with your cravings/hunger/weight loss at all, and best case, you’ll have some improvement over dietary control.  If you’re trying to lose weight you MUST eat protein (at least 30%) at every meal ESPECIALLY breakfast and there are no cereals that provide you with enough protein.

Any comments or other breakfast recipes are always welcomed.  And finally what do YOU think about cereal??

Les 🙂



Mission accomplished!

Thank goodness it’s Friday!! I am exhausted but very satisfied after my photo shoot today 🙂 It has been a goal of mine since I started personal training and I DID IT! I have been training hard and eating very clean since the end of April (3 months) to prepare for this and I’m so glad I did as I felt really comfortable in my short shorts today 😉

I did an hour shoot with my friend Aimee Brouillard (who is a full time personal trainer as well) at a studio in Vanier called Studio Four 30 (great staff btw).  She helped me pick out my outfits, made me feel very comfortable and gave me lots of direction as I was a little nervous and not sure of what to do infront of the camera.  I can’t WAIT to see the photos, hopefully there are a few good ones for my website, don’t worry I’ll share them with you as soon as I get my hands on them 🙂  I never knew doing a photo shoot could be so exhausting though… PHEW!!

Here are a few things I learned after today’s experience..

1. I have a ridiculous amount of very bright (and cute) workout clothes! Just sayin…

2. I need to schedule a longer photo shoot (so many outfits/props/poses so little time!) 1 hour flew by!!

3. Bring an assistant to help with wardrobe/hair/make up touch ups 😉 Yes I know I’m so vain 😛

4. Preparing for and doing a photo shoot is expensive yet so much fun (especially with Aimee as my photographer) and totally worth the investment!

5. Background music is a must for next time, I think it will help me to relax a bit more. I was missing some Usher for sure…

6. Have some poses pre-planned, I spent a bit too much time going “hmmm ok, how ’bout this?”

7. Spray tans are great but I should’ve tanned my stomach a bit more 🙂 Oh well!

8. Make plans to go out the night after, might as well show off/make good use of the hair and make up I had done!!

9. I want to do another shoot and next time I’ll be in even BETTER shape 🙂

10. It feels great to set a goal and accomplish it! WOOHOO! Another thing to check off of my bucket list 🙂

Looking for a reason to lose the last 10 pounds or get in the best shape of your life? Are you a personal trainer/yoga teacher interested in updating your website or Facebook page with some professional photos?!  Then I highly recommend you pick a date, give yourself lots of time to lean out (3 months at least), and schedule a photo shoot with a photographer.  Remember…

“Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.”
— Fitzhugh Dodson

I’m not saying that everyone needs to do a photo shoot but I just thought I would share my experience with you and perhaps inspire you to set a few goals of your own…

“As you reach your goals, set new ones. That is how you grow and become a more powerful person.”
— Les Brown

My next goal is to complete the Canada Army Run Half Marathon in Ottawa with my sister Jennifer (her first time and my 3rd) at the end of September.  Here is a photo of me in 2008 at Confederation Park, before my first Army half marathon.

What’s YOUR goal??


Les 🙂


Assess your eating habits to help change your behaviours related to food!

The problem that most of us have when it comes to changing our eating habits is figuring out where to start?? This is the hardest part especially if you’re not sure what your weaknesses are.  I found a simple rating scale from a book called “The Runner’s Diet” that only takes a few minutes to complete.  Be honest with your answers, total your score and you’ll have a good idea of where you need to begin!

Eating Awareness Rating Scale

Answer each question and keep track of your total points.

1. Do you think before you eat?

a. Never. I eat everything in sight, I’d eat the napkin if I could. (+1)

b. Occasionally. (+2)

c. Almost always. Nothing goes in my mouth without my thinking about it. (+3)

2. Are you able to easily stop eating?

a. Forget it. I eat until my plate looks like it’s gone through the car wash. (+1)

b. Sometimes, but usually I’m pretty full. (+2)

c. I always stop before I’m completely full. (+3)

3. Do you count calories in an effort to maintain or lose weight?

a. Hardly ever. It’s such a hassle. (+1)

b. Sometimes, but I always try to look at labels. (+2)

c. I have an Excel spreadsheet from the past year. (+3) (In my opinion it is not necessary to count calories to this extreme…)

4. Do you eat breakfast?

a. Does coffee count? (+1)

b. Sometimes, when I remember or squeeze something in. (+2)

c. Almost always, I make a point of it. (+3) (The answer should be ALWAYS to get full points)

5. Do you snack in between meals? (In my opinion, this scoring system should be reversed, except substitute Doritos with healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, veggies etc)

a. All the time. My middle name is Dorito. (+1)

b. Sometimes, if food is around. (+2)

c. Almost never. I’m usually never hungry between meals. (+3)

6. Do you tend to eat most of your calories in the evening?

a. Yes, I’m too busy during the day to eat. (+1)

b. Not really, though it does happen. (+2)

c. I usually spread my calories out through the day. (+3)

7. Do you pay attention to the texture and mouthfeel of different foods? 

a. Huh? What’s mouthfeel? (+1)

b. Occasionally, if I like the food. (+2)

c. Always, I have a degree in food appreciation. (+3)

8. Do you eat when you’re stressed out? 

a. How do I spell relief? I-C-E C-R-E-A-M. (+1)

b. Sometimes. I occasionally have bad days. (+2)

c. Rarely. I use other ways to deal with it. (+3)

9. Do you eat when you’re bored?

a. All the time. (+1)

b. Occasionally, but I try to stop myself. (+2)

c. No, only when I’m hungry. (+3)

10. Do you do a lot of eating when you’re alone?

a. Most of my eating is by myself. (+1)

b. Sometimes, but not every day. (+2)

c. Not at all. I usually eat with others. (+3)

Your eating awareness score=            

Your score:

24-30: You have pretty good control over your eating environment.  You  may eat too much at times, but you know you’re doing it.   You have reasonable control and don’t do much “mindless eating.”  You may need to work on consistency to stay on track for weight loss.  Your major changes will be in activity.

16-23: You are uneven in your approach to food.  Although there is some “mindless eating” to minimize, you lack control in many areas.  One area will be in consistency.  If you’re a regular exerciser, the eating program will be your area of focus.

15 or less: Your eating is out of control, meaning that you’re doing a lot of “mindless eating.” Whether or not your exercise is on track, you still need to make significant changes in your eating to lose weight.  You may need to beef up your eating skills and your activity skills.

So how did you do?? Any thoughts or feedback on this quiz??

Les 🙂



I just want to lose the last 10-15 pounds…

How many of you have said this  before or for the trainers out there have heard your clients talk about their never ending attempt to lose the last 10 pounds?  Well guess what? YOU CAN but it’s not easy!

There are many different opinions, diets, workouts and boot camps that promise to help you lose the “last 10 pounds” but to be honest if you like to drink wine/beer, have a hard time saying no to eating out a few times a week with your friends and don’t lift weights and/or do cardio at least 3 times a week you’ll have a hard time losing the last 10-15 lbs!   To change your body/lose body fat it requires consistent effort, sacrifice (limit alcohol/junk food/late nights), hard work in the gym, lots of time spent preparing meals.  There is no quick fix! If you want to look and feel good you must change your mindset, stop focusing on the diet and looking at it as though you are depriving yourself but instead focus on eating clean and giving your body the food it loves and needs consistently!  And keep in mind that it takes time! A good rate for fat loss is 1-2 lb per week…BUT when it is the last 10 pounds it may take a bit longer.  Personally I have been attempting to lose 5-8% body fat (or 12-15 lbs) and it has taken almost 3 months, and I am still working on it.  Keep in mind I am a personal trainer who trains hard, eats very well and knows what it takes to drop body fat.

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As you know I love lists so here are some suggestions that will help you lose the last 10 lbs…

1. Pick a date! If you have a deadline you’re more likely to stick to your goal…but be realistic, I would give yourself at least 6 weeks in order to see a noticeable difference in your weight/body fat.

2. Write down everything you eat!!  Keeping track helps as you’ll be more aware of your eating habits.  You’ll also be less tempted to grab a donut and eat a bag of potato chips if you have to write it down…

3. Track your measurements- Find a scale that calculates your body fat % and your body weight.  Also use a tape measure to track changes in your body shape, I usually measure the chest (around the nipple line), the belly (use the belly button as a landmark) and around the hips (the widest part of your hips/butt).  Remember the way your clothes fit (and how you look naked) is a better indicator that you’re losing weight than seeing a lower number on the scale 😉

4. Hire a trainer! Many people get into a routine with their workouts (ie do the same thing everytime) and well your body ain’t gonna change if you keep doing the same thing all the time!   People who workout with a personal trainer get results 80% percent faster than on their own, why?? Many reasons but the biggest one is ACCOUNTABILITY and you will work harder with a trainer than on your own, I know a few good ones 😉

5. Try to go two weeks without any alcohol/bread/sugar/chips aka NO UNHEALTHY FOOD!  It’s almost like doing a detox and it works.  Also focus on getting 6-8 hours sleep every night….

6. Last but not least CHANGE UP YOUR WORK OUT!!  Or if you’re not working out, you better start now!!  If you are someone who loves to do cardio everyday, try lifting weights 3 days a week, full body workouts are best.  If you hit the weights hard but still find you can’t shed the last few pounds try doing cardio on your off days or before or after your workout.  OR even better, try circuit training so you get the benefits of lifting weights while improving your cardio.


Any other tips from those of you have mastered losing the last 10 pounds and have kept it off?

I met Tommy Europe  last year when he came to Ottawa, did his boot camp and LOVED IT!  I was sore for DAYS after that!  I love his show called “The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp” and he also just came out with a book called “The 10lb Shred”. which I haven’t had a chance to pick up yet.

I would love to be a celebrity trainer…and write a book…and have my own show….maybe one day….

Have a great weekend!  I’m heading to Southampton to spend some quality time with my family and friends and more importantly celebrating a good friend of mine who is getting married!!! Can’t wait!! Guess who won’t be drinking or eating a lot at the wedding tho…yep, I gotta stay lean for my photo shoot next week!! Oh not to mention that alcohol isn’t part of a healthy diet 😉

Les 🙂

Tips for Veggie Haters!

Vegetables are one of those foods people either love or hate. The problem with hating vegetables is that they are arguably the most health-promoting food group on the planet. If you aren’t eating vegetables, you aren’t getting all their amazing components like fiber, antioxidants, and other powerful phytochemicals.

So what’s a veggie-hater to do? If you think you hate vegetables you should definitely learn to embrace this colorful food group.

For those of you who aren’t sure what counts as a serving of vegetables, here is a list of examples:

  • 1 cup of lettuce or raw spinach (about the size of a baseball)
  • 1/2 cup of cooked vegetables
  • 6 baby carrots or radishes
  • 1 large stalk of celery
  • 1 small can tomato or vegetable juice (not recommended)
  • 1/2 green pepper
  • 1/2 cup of spaghetti sauce or salsa

Personally I LOVE vegetables and easily eat at least 5 servings a day.  Here’s how I do it:

  1. Start early by having veggies at breakfast. Load up your omelette with veggies like mushrooms, peppers, onions and spinach.  Or, if you’re in a rush, throw in a heaping handful of spinach into a pan, cook for a minute then pour in your egg whites, flip and voila you’ve already consumed 1-2 servings of veggies.
  2. Have more than that piece of lettuce on your sandwich at lunch.  Try chopped raw veggies on the side or make a salad.  If you’re out for lunch ask for a side salad or steamed veggies instead of having fries or a baked potato.
  3. Use vegetables as snacks.  They are crunchy and satisfying, convenient and portable and don’t require much preparation.  They are tasty on their own or dipped in hummus or other healthy homemade dips.  One of my favourite snacks is celery sticks with all natural peanut butter.
  4. Try having extra veggies at dinner.  Most of us have been trained to think of dinner as having three components: 1 starch (rice, pasta, potato), 1 vegetable and 1 serving of protein.  Here’s a suggestion: skip the starch and add another vegetable!  There are many different types of squash that are just as satisfying as pasta or rice, have you tried spaghetti squash??
  5. Make a soup or a blend some veggies to make a healthy drink.  Check out this simple refreshing cucumber drink from my friend Natalie Waples’ blog: :1 whole cucumber (skin and all), 1 cup water, 1 cup ice cubes, 1-2 tsp splenda. Blend until smooth and serve.

I can’t emphasis this enough: The key to eating healthy and getting enough vegetables in your diet is to plan all your meals in advance!  If you haven’t started doing this yet, try it, it works!!

Les 🙂


Happy Friday the 13th everybody!!  Hope that you are all having a fabulous Friday so far…

For those of you who live in Ottawa I’m sure you’ve all heard about the HOPE BEACH CLASSIC happening this weekend.  If not, you should come to Mooney’s Bay and join in on all that will be happening!  The team from LC Fitness studio will be there along with a few clients and friends kicking butt on Court 26.  I can’t wait!

This tournament is SO much fun and I haven’t played in it for a few years.  What I look forward to the most (other than playing volleyball) is being on the beach all day and working on my tan, catching up with/running into so many different people and feeling good walking around/playing vball in my bikini!!

I decided at the end of April (after watching some friends on mine compete in a fitness competition) that it was time for me to take my fitness and my body to the next level.  This is not to say that I’m not in good shape but I wanted to get a bit leaner and clean up my diet a bit.  So, my first goal was to wear (and feel good in) a bikini at Hope Beach (happening tomorrow) and my next goal is to do a fitness photo shoot at the end of July to get some new photos for my website.  Then I am going to Los Angeles, CA for a friend’s wedding/mini Southern Miss reunion so obviously I want to look in top shape for that!  I had one of my co workers take some progress photos of me and I will be posting them eventually…the “before” photos are not the most flattering 😛 but I’m definitely happy with how far I’ve come…

So the point I’m trying to make here is the best way to accomplish ANYTHING is to set a goal. I’ve been working my butt off  lifting weights 4 days a week, doing lots of cardio (almost everyday), yoga at least 3 times a week, prepping all my meals everyday, and keeping a positive attitude about my progress. Sounds like a lot but this is what has to happen in order for my body to change it’s shape…but luckily I have the time and the drive to do it!

If you need some help setting a goal, you should make sure it is a SMART goal…

SPECIFIC (A general goal would be, “Get in shape.” But a specific goal would say, “Join a gym and workout 3 days a week.”)

MEASURABLE (“How much? How many? How will I know when it is accomplished?”)

ATTAINABLE (When you identify goals that are most important to you, you begin to figure out ways you can make them come true. You develop the attitudes, abilities, skills, and financial capacity to reach them. You begin seeing previously overlooked opportunities to bring yourself closer to the achievement of your goals)

REALISTIC (To be realistic, a goal must represent an objective toward which you are both willing and able to work. A goal can be both high and realistic; you are the only one who can decide just how high your goal should be)

TIMELY (A goal should be grounded within a time frame. With no time frame tied to it there’s no sense of urgency. If you want to lose 10 lbs, when do you want to lose it by? “Someday” won’t work. But if you anchor it within a timeframe, “by May 1st”, then you’ve set your unconscious mind into motion to begin working on the goal)

Make sense??

So for those of you struggling to get motivated or feel as though you just can’t push past your plateau or are in a bit of a rut take the first step and think long and hard about what you want to acheive, write down some short term and long term goals and put them into action!  Start today because the longer you think about doing it the less chance there is that it will happen….don’t think about it, BE about it…it worked for me! And when I reach all my goals it’s time to set new ones…I am excited for what’s to come!

“Hope” to see you all at HOPE BEACH tomorrow!!

Stay cool and don’t forget to wear sunscreen…

Les 🙂

Do You Require a Personal Trainer or a Personal Life-Changing Coach?

I came across an excellent article today that was an interview with Dr. John Berardi discussing his body transformation program and whether diet or exercise is more important, why so many people struggle to lose weight, and his secret to getting his client’s results.  This really resonated with me.

I’ll have to say that after being a personal trainer for four years I have learned that my job requires more than just designing exercise programs and taking my clients through workouts.  I am constantly encouraging them to eat healthy, sleep well, reduce stress and do their own workouts.  AND, in order for my clients to be successful and go through a life transformation I must help them overcome their limiting beliefs and help guide them to live a healthier lifestyle.  This is the most challenging part but the part I enjoy the most!

You can only change a person’s body so much with exercise alone.  No matter how hard or how often you exercise or train with your personal trainer, without following a healthy nutrition plan for AT LEAST A YEAR clients will lose very little body fat and have a hard time gaining muscle.  And it doesn’t matter how old you are, how hard you try or what you’ve done in the past, your diet right now determines how you look and feel, it’s never too late to start!

So is there a secret formula or diet or ideal meal plan to follow for best results?? Of course not! There is so much information out there it can get confusing to figure out which will work for you.  Well you know what works for me and my clients?  Paying attention to what you put in your mouth and following a basic clean eating meal plan for at least 6 months (1 year is best), plus working hard in and outside of the gym and you WILL GET THE BODY YOU WANT!

I found another article by Dr. Berardi and thought I would share his “rules” with you…can you tell I like this guy!?

The 7 Rules of Good Nutrition

Here’s my take on it. I call these principles, “The 7 Rules of Good Nutrition.”

These aren’t the newest techniques from the latest cutting-edge plan. Rather, they are simple, time-tested, no nonsense habits that you need to get into when designing a good eating program.

1. Eat every 2-3 hours, no matter what. You should eat between 5-8 meals per day.

2. Eat complete (containing all the essential amino acids), lean protein with each meal.

3. Eat fruits and/or vegetables with each food meal.

4. Ensure that your carbohydrate intake comes from fruits and vegetables. Exception: workout and post-workout drinks and meals.

5. Ensure that 25-35% of your energy intake comes from fat, with your fat intake split equally between saturates (e.g. animal fat), monounsaturates (e.g., olive oil), and polyunsaturates (e.g. flax oil, salmon oil).

6. Drink only non-calorie containing beverages, the best choices being water and green tea.

7. Eat mostly whole foods (except workout and post-workout drinks).
So what about calories, or macronutrient ratios, or any number of other things that I’ve covered in other articles? The short answer is that if you aren’t already practicing the above-mentioned habits, and by practicing them I mean putting them to use over 90% of the time (i.e., no more than 4 meals out of an average 42 meals per week violate any of those rules), everything else is pretty pointless.

Moreover, many people can achieve the health and the body composition they desire following these 7 rules alone. No kidding! In fact, with some of my clients I spend the first few months just supervising their adherence to these 7 rules—an effective but costly way to learn them.

If you’ve reached the 90% threshold, you may need a bit more individualization beyond the 7 rules. If so, search around on this site. Many of these little tricks can be found in my many articles published right here. But before looking for them, before assuming you’re ready for individualization; make sure you’ve truly mastered the 7 rules. Then, while keeping the 7 rules as the consistent foundation, tweak away

I know you’re saying to yourself I already know this! These rules are simple! Yes you’re right and that’s the main problem with most people who are trying losing weight; we all know what we’re SUPPOSED to do but don’t actually DO IT!

So put your money where you mouth is and think long and hard about what YOU want to look like.  Then write down what your goals are, meet with a trainer who can help you come up with a workout plan and if they are a really good trainer a meal plan and STICK TO IT!  Remember exercise alone doesn’t work! If you refuse to change your nutrition then any work you do in the gym by yourself or with a trainer is worthless (seriously!)  Research has shown that without a diet change you will lose as little as half a pound of fat per month (not a lot right?!)

That being said, with the help of a personal trainer/life-changing/nutritional help coach (like moi!) you will be able to get exponentially better results and in less time.   So for all you people looking for fat loss you can expect to lose 3 to 5 times more fat if  you make changes to your diet.  How does that sound?  The challenge is finding a personal trainer who cares enough and has the knowledge and experience to help guide you…

If you’re looking for someone who will help you get in the best shape of your life (who doesn’t want that?) I would love to book some time to sit down and chat with you.  I LOVE my job for a reason because I get to help people improve their lives and feel better about themselves everyday.  Let’s not forget I also get to work in comfy clothes and running shoes all day 😉

My clients would agree that having a personal trainer is the best investment they have ever made, I can’t argue with that!

Les 🙂

Benefits of Circuit Training

Sorry for the delay in posting but I have a bit of an excuse…my sister flew into Ottawa on Friday afternoon and I have been spending lots of quality time with her 🙂 Actually one of the first things we did when she arrived was a workout at the studio where I work! (LC Fitness Studio)

Since Katie told me and I quote “I want you to kick my butt” I decided to put her through a full body circuit (my favourite type of workout!)  We did 3 circuits in total that consisted of 4 exercises each.  She did each exercise one after the other with no breaks and performed 12-15 reps of each.  She would rest about 1 minute after each circuit was complete (4 exercises then rest) Each circuit was performed 3 times.  She worked up quite a sweat.

Circuit #1

DB Squat to Press

Single Leg Squats with Jungle Gym XT (similar to the TRX)


Wide Grip Pulldowns

Circuit #2

Floor Chest Press with Dumbbells with Double Leg Raises (Press the Dumbbells then do the leg raise)

Ice Skaters (using cones as targets about 6 feet apart, starting at one cone, swing arms sideways, push off the outside foot, shift and hop from one leg to the other, side to side, staying low)

Jungle Gym XT Body Row

Kettlebell Swings 30lbsx20 reps

Circuit #3

Overhead Tricep Extensions on the Jungle Gym XT

Single Leg Side Step ups on a bench with dumbbells

DB Bicep Curls

Jungle Gym XT Plank with Pike Lifts

Sorry I didn’t get photos of each exercise but one of these days I will!  I was having too much fun kicking her butt while training her that I forgot to take photos!

Top 5 reasons why I love circuit training a.k.a. the Benefits…

1. Get maximum results in minimal time!

2. You get a full body workout!

3. It offers the best of both worlds-strength training AND cardio!

4. Kicks your metabolism into high-gear!

5. You won’t get bored of your workout!

There you have it!

Now some of you may be unsure how to design a circuit workout.  Feel free to contact me for some tips (all first clients get their first session FREE!) or you can check out this article from SHAPE.COM for some ideas.

Feel free to post your thoughts on circuit training and share what your favourite circuit training routines are!?

Les 🙂

Another healthy meal you can make in 15 minutes or less!

This recipe was recommended to me by my client this morning.   She found it in the latest Oxygen magazine and made it for dinner last night.  What I like most about this is there are only 6 ingredients and it takes 15 minutes to make!  Hopefully you like scallops and brussel sprouts 🙂 I’ll be trying this one for sure!

Check it out!

Hope you have all recovered from the weekend or maybe you were good and followed the tips from my blog post on Friday 😉

Here’s to a 4-day week, ENJOY!