8 ways to stick to your diet during Canada Day (or any long) Weekend!!

TGIF and TGI the LONG WEEKEND!!!  I am sure many of you have been waiting weeks for this weekend of fun in the sun and lots of time with friends, family and of course, FOOD!

I will be spending the weekend with Dave’s wonderful family in Scarborough to celebrate his Mom’s 60th birthday!  I have already been thinking about how I will ‘stick to my diet’ while I am away from home.  Here are some ideas I’ve come up with…

1. Focus on the people not the food!  Keep in mind that long weekends and parties are for celebrating and spending time with family and friends, not just for eating lots of junk!

2. Remember what your goal is-you have worked sooo hard up until now, why let all that hard work and clean eating go to waste in one weekend?  Keep your eye on the prize!  Do you BEST to follow your diet/healthy eating and exercise routine instead of falling off the deep end and telling yourself you will ‘start fresh’ next week.

2. Plan a workout or try to be active everyday-I know there is a BIG chance I might be consuming a few more calories than normally this weekend BUT to offset that I have already planned to hit up the Goodlife near Dave’s parents place in Scarborough on Saturday, go for a long run on Sunday and yoga before our long drive back on Monday.  Might go for a few walks through his neighbourhood too 🙂 Just because it’s the long weekend doesn’t mean you don’t have time to exercise, in fact you probably have MORE time to exercise.  Use your time wisely 😉

3. Don’t overindulge- I’m not saying you can’t have a few beers, a burger, some ice cream and any other treats you usually have on a long weekend but treat yourself in moderation!  You’ll feel sooo much when you do 🙂

4. Prepare some healthy treats for the party you’re going to or eat before you go! Never arrive on an empty stomach or all hell will break loose!  It’s also a good idea to drink a large glass of water before hitting the appetizers/buffet table, it will take the edge off your hunger.  Since I will be staying at Dave’s parents place, I will be stopping by the grocery store to pick up some egg whites, extra veggies, chicken and fish, and I have already packed my protein powder and nuts 🙂

5. Eat slowly-It takes about 20 minutes for your body to realize it’s full.  So the slower you eat, the less you will eat.

6. Don’t load up on liquid calories-Check out this chart below for a better understanding of how these drinks can add up!  I think I’ll stick to my usual drink of choice…WATER! Ok and maybe one Coors light…

7. Beware of leftovers!  Just because you have food leftover doesn’t mean you have to eat it.  If you’re hosting a party or bbq, don’t be afraid to give away the leftovers to your guests, they will love you for it and so will your waistline!

8. Prepare to be firm! If you have a habit of caving in when pressured by your friends (it’s so hard to say no sometimes), make sure you’re not sending mixed messages.  Come prepared with a game plan that defines in your mind what you’ll eat and how you’ll respond to temptation. This way, they won’t interpret your hesitation as a cue to push the chips and dip your way.  It’s also helpful to make sure you’re getting a good night’s sleep to guard against giving into peer pressure as you’ll be less likely to crave bad foods.

I hope this has been helpful and even if you choose to follow only ONE of these tips I will be very impressed and you can give yourself a pat on the back for making the effort and choosing to stay healthy!

Happy Canada Day to my Canadian readers!!

I’ll miss my family and friends in Southampton this weekend but I will see you all soon!

Les 🙂

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