Lat Pulldowns: How To

Thanks to Tess for this very detailed and informative post. It was full of so much useful info I thought I would share it with my readers!
For those of you who do or have done Lat Pulldowns please read and take notes!! This is one of my FAVOURITE back exercises and definitely one that most people do wrong.

Now I’m off to Rib Fest to enjoy my cheat meal….

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
Les 🙂

Possibly the most incorrectly used machine in the gym is the Lat Pulldown machine.  On any given day, I could pick out at least 5 people ranging from beginner level women, to big buff men, to seniors, who are doing it wrong.

A few basics:

-“Lat” is short for latissimus dorsi, the widest muscle in your back which, in short, moves the upper arm down and back.  “Pulldowns” refer to the motion of pulling in a downward motion.

-The lat pulldown machine is meant to exercise the back, specifically the lats, back of the shoulders (rear deltoids), and the small muscles underneath the shoulders (rhomboids).  Because most pulling movements also involve the use of your biceps, you will also be working them a little bit too.

-By exercising the lats you will increase your overall power in many activities; your rear deltoids help you help to stabilize your shoulder blade…

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