Egg whites should be a staple in everyone’s diet…

And here are just a few reasons why… (from Burnbrae Farms website since that’s the brand I eat!)

Main Benefits of Egg Whites

-good source of high quality protein

-fat free and cholesterol free

-source of 3 vitamins and minerals (riboflavin-needed to metabolize proteins, niacin-helps release energy and promotes normal nerve function, folate-aids in red blood cell production)

-1/4 cup is just 30 calories!!

-all natural (just egg whites) -no added ingredients or preservatives

-pasteurized (won’t get sick from eating them raw)


-ready to use/convenient (no mess or expense in breaking and separating whole shell eggs)

-can be frozen up to 3 months before expiry date

Some more important nutritional information:


2 tbsp=1 egg white

3tbsp+2tsp=1 large egg

1-250mL carton (1 cup)=8 egg whites

2-500ml carton (2 cups)=16 egg whites

So many ways to cook them:

Check out this link for some easy and delicious recipes 🙂

I could eat egg whites for EVERY meal of the day if I had to!  I never get sick of them! I don’t know if I love the texture or the taste better (many would argue that they have no taste but they will take on the taste of anything you add to them!)  The best way to eat egg whites (in my opinion) is cooked with fresh veggies in a pan (make an omelette) for breakfast, lunch or dinner.   I also really enjoy cooking my egg whites plain then adding a pinch of sea salt and pepper to taste.

So since there are 3.5 g of protein per egg white, having 6-8 egg whites is usually a good amount to consume at a time (3.5×6=21 g of protein and only 90 cals!) I normally use 3/4 cup-1 cup of egg whites when cooking my breakfast.

Eating protein (egg whites) at breakfast is the best way to rev up your metabolism and keep yourself feeling fuller longer 🙂  Another idea is to hard boil a couple of eggs, throw out the yolk and use can eat the hard boiled egg whites as a snack with some cut up veggies or fruit or if you’re weird (like me) a tsp of all natural peanut butter…try it you might like it!

Remember that the best and most effective way to lose weight is to eat protein at EVERY meal, snacks included.  So for those of you who struggle to think of ways to have protein for your snacks, how about egg whites??  You’ll be getting more protein without consuming too many extra calories.  Protein shakes are another great way to increase the amount of protein in your diet (without adding lots of calories) but I will save that discussion for another day…

The egg yolk is very healthy as well (packed with vitamins and minerals)  so don’t be afraid to throw one whole egg in  once in awhile, it will make your egg white omelette taste even yummier!

If you are someone who HATES eggs or egg whites maybe this post will inspire you to try them again!?  And to those of you who are already huge fans (and consumers) of egg whites feel free to post some of your favourite recipes and tips for those who aren’t lovers of this AMAZING yellowy-clearish liquid protein source.


Les 🙂

2 thoughts on “Egg whites should be a staple in everyone’s diet…

  1. Shrinking Cousin Heather says:

    LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Eggs are the BEEEESSSSTTT!!! Seriously, I cannot and would not want to go one day without them.

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