Another year older?!

Yes as many of you know (from Facebook or having a really good memory!) today is my 29th birthday!! Thanks so much to all of you who so kindly posted on my wall, texted or called me today! :):):)

I have just sat down for the first time at my computer all day after an AMAZING day being spoiled by my most awesome boyfriend.  He planned a fantastic day and treated me to some delicious meals and awesome gifts! THANK YOU DAVE!! xoxo  Now it’s time to get ready for a night out with some of my friends 🙂  That being said…I will end today’s post with this…

Thank you so much to EVERYONE who I have met, kept in touch with, spent time with, cried and laughed with, ran, worked out, did yoga with, and honestly for making this past year the BEST one yet.  Can’t think of anything that could make me happier than time spent working out, socializing with my friends, catching up with family and spending time with DAVE!  I am looking forward to many more fun times ahead!  It is crazy how time flies!

So tonight, I will be celebrating a very successful year and enjoying every last moment of my 20’s….

Have  a great weekend everyone! Enjoy this PERFECT weather we are having…

Oh and in case you’re wondering, yes, trainers eat cake on their birthday too (well I do!)…I had a delicious chocolate cupcake that my client kindly bought for me 🙂 But that is it!! I got my workout in early this morning too…no excuses!!

Let the party begin…


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