Without E.D.D. you’ll never lose weight…

Hello! Hope everyone has started this first week of June off in a good way.  I sure did!  My upper body is a bit sore from the 108 Sun Salutation Challenge with Megan Campbell and Ichih Wang at Pure Yoga Ottawa yesterday for “a good cause” but it was sooo worth it!  I still can’t believe how many chattarunga’s (high plank to low plank) we did!  It took some serious effort, determination and discipline for all of the people who were there to get there and stick with it for the entire 90 minutes.

Effort, Determination and Discipline-I like these words.  They are the ingredients for success in all parts of our lives.  Today I will discuss how effort, determination and discipline with your NUTRITION is the best way to lose weight and keep it off.

Being a personal trainer for the past 4 years has taught me A LOT about fitness and nutrition and to be honest I am still learning!  But no matter what anyone tells you, or what you read in a magazine or hear on Dr. Oz (lol!) I know for a fact the the BEST WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT requires EFFORT, DETERMINATION and DISCIPLINE, trust me on this one!  If you really want something bad enough (lose weight, lean arms, sexy back, flat stomach, muscular legs) you have to work your butt off for it! And it’s not a temporary thing, you need to continue to work at it for the rest of your life!  Personally I  have been putting in a solid effort to lose weight and “get fit” since I entered the fitness industry in July of 2008 and the work never ends!  Recently I have been making a conscious effort to get my body fat below 20% and you know what the secret is?? It’s a big secret so you ready?? Eating clean every single day of the week!  Yep, no cheating, no exceptions!  I have been following a strict but very healthy “diet” since the middle of April (very few carbs except for oatmeal in the am, fruit for a morning snack, lots of veggies, protein and healthy fats) and I have lost 3 inches off my belly (very important with bikini season quickly approaching) and have lost 7 pounds of fat.  Doesn’t seem like a lot but I am more than happy with my progress and this is only the beginning.  So imagine, a personal trainer who follows her diet to a T, lifts weights 4 times  a week with 2 of the best personal trainers in Ottawa (Lucas Couturier and Honore Levesque), runs 2-3 days a week and does yoga almost everyday, takes almost 2 months to lose less than 10 pounds and I’m not done yet!  So to those of you who give up on your “healthy eating” and “work out” routine because you’re not seeing results after 1 or 2 weeks, I can guarantee that if you kept trying your hardest for a few more weeks you would start to see your body change.  If not, well you need to push yourself a bit harder 😉

Another example of someone who puts forth a solid effort, is very determined and disciplined is my client who recently signed up with me and is determined to get in the best shape of her life.   She committed to training with me 5 DAYS A WEEK for the first 3 weeks and wrote down every single food and drink she put in her mouth and guess what?  She has lost almost 10 pounds and 10 inches total.  A miracle?? I don’t think so! It happened because of her E.D.D. and she will continue to push herself in the gym and stay focused in the kitchen!

Here is an awesome video that reiterates the topic of today’s post.  Tim Bell is a super cool guy, a personal trainer and the founder of Jungle Fit in Kingston.  I was lucky enough to have  met him at a recent Power Yoga Teacher Training workshop I did a few weekends ago.  Watch the whole video…http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=wnAwD6NDMUw

Here’s a link to his amazing blog as well!

So how bad do you want it?? Start putting in more EFFORT, DETERMINATION and DISCIPLINE and you can get it! It’s all up to YOU!!

Les 🙂


8 thoughts on “Without E.D.D. you’ll never lose weight…

  1. Chris says:


    Great post! You really have to put in the time, and as much as I’m training and getting fit / strong enough to succeed at my Triathlon and 1/2 marathon comming up the diet is still my weekness, and if anything I’m staying the same or flirting up and down a couple of pounds.

    Last year we worked hard together for 2 months and my body fat melted and my power increased to that AMAZING leg press we did! (Do you still have the link to the video?) If I can put that much time and effort (15+ hours a week) into my body and then not feed it right I’ve earned my limbo for body composition.

  2. Lucie says:

    Great post Leslie! It’s a great reminder that very little in life comes without sustained effort.

    • Exactly!! Sustained effort, not just for a few weeks or months! Most people give up too soon and never believe they are capable of achieving their goals or dreams! Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Dianne West says:

    Leslie your advice and writing just keeps getting better and better – so proud of you, Love from Aunt Dianne xo

    • Thanks Aunt Di! So happy that you continue to follow my blog 😉 I am only speaking from experience, let me know if there is anything you’d like me to write about! When are we going to see each other again? It’s been so long!!

  4. I agree with you! You need to be determined over it all! Without determination you will fail at the first sight of temporary defeat! I think you should check out this sight as well, it may be an additional resource to help one lose weight! http://www.getaflatstomachguide.com
    I hope this is useful! 🙂 great post!

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