Never too old to lift weights!!

Wow today’s workout drained me so much that I have barely energy to pull my thoughts together 😦  Lucas has designed an insane workout for us (seriously it’s nuts!), good thing we only have one more week of it!  I have a feeling I’m not going to be able to walk tomorrow!  But I am starting to notice some results, so the hard work is paying off!

Speaking of working hard, my mom found, cut out and mailed me this awesome article (thanks Mom!) from the Toronto Star that discusses the importance of strength training for older adults.  I always love seeing the older men and women regulars at the gym because you can tell they truly enjoy it and that working out is a part of lifestyle and has been for awhile.  I only hope that I will be as dedicated as they are when I’m their age. On the other hand, it is more common to see many people over 50 who use the excuse “I’m too old” or “It’s too late now” or “what’s the point?” or “the gym’s not for me”.  Can you say EXCUSES!!

One of my most successful clients is a woman over 60 years old.  She came to me (3.5 years ago) having never exercised, was overweight and lacked motivation to workout.  She has been consistently strength training with me ever since and she has lost close to 60 pounds, gained almost 20 pounds of muscle, has shed LOTS of inches, increased her energy and endurance AND she has run numerous 5km races and finished her first 10km race last year!  Nothing stops this woman from working hard, so what’s stopping you!?

Most older adults lack motivation to change their lifestyles and are intimidated by the gym.  Having a personal trainer can help overcome these obstacles 🙂

I will finish off this quick blog post with a quote from the article…”you have to move it or lose it […]in order to fend off weight gain and stay (or get) in shape”.  So true!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Les 🙂

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