Would you ever put a tube up your nose to lose weight??

I hope that everyone had a wonderful long weekend!  I am sure that you all had you fair share of good food (and drinks), great weather, fun times with friends and I hope you relaxed a bit too!  Now it’s back to work, eating well and continuing to work towards that goal of yours….right??!!

Now, get ready for this!!  Here is an article that I read in the Globe and Mail a few weeks ago (my dad sent it to me as well, thanks Dad!) and I also saw on the news.  I was SHOCKED to learn that people go to these extremes to lose weight.  I have heard of liquid diets and other crash diets but being fitted for and then being hooked up to a nasal feeding tube to lose weight? WOW! What is our society coming to? And what kind of doctors are allowing this??!! This is so wrong but sadly people are paying thousands of dollars to be hooked up to an “800 calories-a-day feed bag of carb-free nutrients” to lose weight fast.

In my opinion there is no such thing as a quick fix or the perfect workout or a special diet that will lead to weight loss.  As I tell all my clients and friends who have weight loss goals, it doesn’t happen in 1 week or 4 weeks or 8 weeks, it sometimes takes months if not a year or more to learn how to eat healthy, workout properly and consistently which will eventually lead to you living a healthy and happy lifestyle.  The best part about losing weight the right way?? A changed attitude and lifestyle, permanent weight loss and a happier, healthier you!

The downside to these liquid diets, crash diets and now feeding tube diets are obvious, the rapid weight regain when the diet is over.  So why even bother wasting your money for the sake of looking good for your wedding day?  What have you learned by going to these extremes??  I agree with the author of this article that people who resort to losing weight this way are LAZY and clearly don’t understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and exercise.  If only the people who are wasting thousands of dollars on these diets would meet with a personal trainer (like me!) who would provide them with all the tools, motivation, support and knowledge they need to lose weight PROPERLY and PERMANENTLY!I .

What are your thoughts?? Would you ever go on a crash diet lose weight?  What about one that required a feeding tube??

Les 🙂


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