Warmer weather means more temptations…

Wow what a gorgeous day we’ve had! I am not in the mood to sit at my computer for very long today so this post will not be long…

WIth the summer just around the corner I am sure your weekends are filling up quickly with plans of parties, trips, weddings, more parties, nights out, social gatherings, reunions, etc.  I LOVE this time of year, everyone is in a good mood, the sun is shining, I can wear flip flops and shorts AND I can start eating and drinking whatever I want…WAIT A MINUTE, that’s not true!  This is one thing that I DO NOT understand, everyone wants to feel good in their bathing suits, have lean sexy legs in their skirts, shorts and dresses and muscular arms but what does everyone do as soon as it gets warm?!! Heads straight to the patio for drinks and appetizers and some may even skip the gym?!! Something doesn’t make sense here…so even though today’s post is short I am going to provide you with some simple things to remember when you’re tempted to ‘fall off the wagon’ in the summer months and to keep you on track to reaching or maintaining your fitness/weight loss goals…

1. Plan a cheat meal- That’s right, plan it. Once a week, one meal where you can eat whatever you want! If you’ve been eating well all week and completed all your workouts you deserve an ‘eat whatever you want’ meal.  Tell your friends in advance what night you would like this to be and they will gladly join you 🙂

2. Set a goal date- For example, you have a wedding to go to, a trip somewhere warm, a race, HOPE beach volleyball tournament, you name it, if you set a date it will not be something you ‘wish’ you could work hard and train for but you WILL do it!  And then after you’ve reached your goal, instead of going crazy and eating and drinking whatever you want and letting all your hard work go to waste, set a new one!

3. Tell your friends/family what you’re goal is- That way (hopefully) you will have their support and they won’t bug you when you say you don’t want to go out for dinner and drinks (AGAIN!)  You may even inspire them with your will power and determination.

4. Don’t drink your calories- Yes a cold beer on a hot day tastes amazing but the calories in one beer can be almost as much as a meal!  Imagine how many calories are in a full night of drinking beer/wine/shots?  I’m not saying that you should stop drinking all together (that’s crazy!) but just be conscious of how much alcohol you are drinking.  I enjoy eating food wayyy more than I like to drink alcohol.  So drink more water and by limiting your alcohol intake you will get lean and have lots of extra money to buy new clothes that you will need as your old ones won’t fit you anymore! 🙂

5. Plan ahead- Yes I am repeating myself but I have to emphasize this.  You must have a plan in order to be successful (in all areas of your life).  So whether this means planning to eat at home before heading out with friends, planning a workout with a friend early the next morning to avoid a ‘late night’, being the designated driver, not bringing cash or your credit card to the bar (to prevent yourself from drinking), or just say NO, I’m going to stay in tonight.  These have all worked for me and I haven’t lost any friends over it 🙂

So if you have spent the last few months making a conscious effort to exercise, eat healthy and take care of yourself to ‘look good for summer’ why let yourself go (back to old habits perhaps) when you’ve already worked so hard to get where you are today!  Stop making excuses and stick to your plan!  Live a healthy lifestyle year round.  Don’t give up now!  If you do have a bad day (which we all do) always remember that tomorrow is a new day…

Love this photo I saw on someone’s wall…if you have a hard time being consistent or give up too soon, or you keep starting and stopping, give yourself a few months of effort and the results will come 🙂

Les 🙂


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