With every end there is a new beginning…

And it’s Friday at last!  I decided to take it  easy today, (training only one client) took my SUV in for some new shocks (free with the warranty!), had an AWESOME workout at the Queensview Goodlife while I was waiting, shopped around Walmart for a bit, etc etc.  Long story short, I have spent some quality ME time today and I am quite enjoying it!

I have also had some time to reflect (on my 25 minute walk to the gym and back) on the relationships I have made with my clients over the last 4 years.  One person in particular, Amelie Theriault, who has been a client of mine since January 2009! Still can’t believe it’s been that long!  Our training comes to an end on Monday as she is off to Halifax to do her residency in Obsterics/Gynecology.  I’m going to miss her so much…here’s why…

We first met when I was working at the Rideau Center Goodlife Fitness.  She was assigned to me as  PTS client (personal training starter pack) so she  had 6 or 12 (can’t remember!) intro sessions.  The first thing I noticed upon our initial consultation was her genuine smile and I could tell right away that she was a kind soul and was going to be a pleasure to train.  Little did I know that we would become great friends and she would continue to train with me for 3.5 years!  It’s crazy to think that we were randomly matched in the book at the front desk!  That’s actually true for a few of my clients.  If it weren’t for her buying those intro sessions and my name being next on the list I never would have met this amazing person!

So, Amelie has come a lonnnnnng way!  She was not always the athletic and fit person she is today 😉  Before we met she had NEVER worked out, didn’t know what a squat was, had little upper body strength to perform a pushup and wanted to lose weight!  Now, before I continue, let me tell you how busy this girl was/is!! She was a full time med student at Ottawa U the entire time we were training!  So not only was she busy getting her butt kicked in the gym with me 2-3 days a week, she was constantly studying, reading, preparing for exams and practicals, spending time at different hospitals and clinics across the city doing her placements working crazy hours, pulling all-nighters, spending hours at Bridgehead, travelling to conferences (and some personal trips too), shopping (for dresses usually), socializing with her friends, grocery shopping, cooking…the list goes on!  But even with her busy schedule full of other commitments, this girl rarely missed a workout and if she did she ALWAYS made sure to reschedule!  That is dedication and an example of someone who puts their health first without making excuses!

On a side note: I have so much respect for anyone who gets into and survives med school! It’s a lot of work! I am so proud of Amelie (and my other clients who are in med school as well) as she will be graduating from Ottawa U next week.  Then (sadly) she is off to Halifax to learn more about her future profession, being an Obs/Gyn doctor!  It has been amazing watching her pursue her dreams and working so hard every step of the way…in school, in life and in the gym!

In the past 3 and a half years this girl has transformed her body.  We will do final measurements and a weigh in on Monday but since we started she has lost over 30 pounds of fat, trimmed inches, gained muscle, her strength has increased 110% (you should see her do pushups!), her recovery during intense workouts is extremely fast as her conditioning is amazing, she follows a very clean and healthy diet consistently, and the best part?  She will never stop exercising!  She knows how important it is to eat right, exercise, drink lots of water and have fun and I know that she has adopted a new, yet PERMANENT lifestyle (right Amelie?!)  This is what makes me the happiest 🙂  It’s one thing to have a trainer for 6 months, or a year or 2 years but sadly even after all the money and time spent some people end up going back to their old habits and gain weight, lose all their muscle and cancel their gym membership since they have not yet learned the importance of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  Not Amelie! This girl is headed in the right direction and I hope that she will share her experience and knowledge with other people who are looking to lose weight and are not sure where to start.

Amelie, as much as I am going to miss you I will NEVER forget about you and all the great times we spent together.  Thank you for being one of my most dedicated, consistent, kindest and hardest working clients.  I have enjoyed every single session and moment I have had with you.  You are a phenomenal woman and you continue to inspire me.  Never lose that smile and your positive outlook on life!  Your passion, dedication and genuine desire to help others will take you a long way.   I wish you all the best in the future, I hope that we keep in touch! I am so thankful that we have become such good friends and while I am sad that you are leaving I am so excited for what’s next for you, you’re going to be a doctor!!

Now, as your trainer I will finish off by reminding you to DO YOUR CARDIO! 😉

Love Les

Here are a few photos of Amelie and I (for some reason we only take pictures when we go out?) and yes I am holding a beer in this photo, I like to enjoy a cold one sometimes, I’m only human!

  If you would like to read some more testimonials check out this link to my website.  Who knows, maybe you’ll be one of my success stories in the future?!  🙂   What are you waiting for??


One thought on “With every end there is a new beginning…

  1. I also forgot to mention that Amelie has a new found confidence and now feels completely comfortable in her own skin. It has been amazing watching her go from wearing pants and a baggy t-shirt to work out to wearing a perfectly fitted tank top with shorts while she trains. Now that’s confidence and she looks FANTASTIC!! Way to go girl!

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