Do you suffer from butt envy?!

How many of you can’t leave the house without checking yourself out in the mirror? Come on be honest!  Now ladies, where is the last place you look before heading out the door? Lemme guess….your butt???  You know what I’m talking about, the little glance over the shoulder to make sure it looks just right in your pants?  HAha! Why is is that we are so obsessed with our butt (and what man doesn’t admire a great butt on a woman)??  So many people I have run into or consulted with are always wanting to know how they can get the ‘perfect butt’ (whatever that is!)  yet many people never train their butt properly!  I have been helping my clients (males and females) for the past 4 years build the “butt of their dreams” (haha) not only because it looks good but because it will take the pressure of their back and helps improve posture 🙂 So no more if’s, and’s or butt’s 😉

Here are some common questions that people have been asking about the secrets to a great butt…

What are the best exercises for training your butt?

SQUATS! And there are many kinds!! Sumo squats, wide-stance squats, closed-stance squats, one-legged squats, lunges, just to name a few.  The key to getting the most out of these exercises is to squeeze your butt as you come back to the top of the exercise.  If you are having a hard time doing this, you can practice squeezing your butt while you are reading this (try it) or while waiting in line in the grocery store.  Most people are very weak when it comes to activating their glutes, since they spend most of their time sitting on it, but practice (and help from a trainer) will help solve this problem!

What’s the best cardio for your butt?

If you’re trying to get fat off your butt, doing cardio will help you to reduce the fat but if you have less muscle then fat you will be left with a flat butt or DGS as my brother in law calls it (diminished gluteal syndrome) and no one wants that!  You must focus on building muscle (by lifting weights) while you’re burning fat.  Instead of doing slow and steady cardio, try some high intensity intervals with rests in between (1 min fast, 1 min rest).  In my opinion, choose weights over cardio for a better butt!

Can I change the shape of my butt with what I eat?

OF COURSE!  If you eat too much, your body (butt and hips for women usually) will turn those calories into fat.  Fill up on veggies and cut back on processed foods, sugar, alcohol and limit simple carbs.  If you want more info and help with your diet I would love to help you in planning your meals, please send me an email with your questions:

What if I can’t do squats do to an injury? Are there other exercises I can do?

If you are having problems with knees, low back, etc I also refer my clients to an osteopath or physiotherapist to find out what is the cause of the problem.  Perhaps you have a flexibility problems, a weak core or bad form? Instead of ignoring what hurts and doing something else instead GET A PROFESSIONAL TO DO AN ASSESSMENT!  On the other hand, yes there are many other exercises you can do for your butt that aren’t squats, for example, try doing a plank on your forearms with butt lifts (alternate lifting your leg off the ground while squeezing your butt)…

How often should you train your butt muscles?

How bad do you want them to grow? HAHA There is no reason to train any muscle group everyday, you have to let your muscles recover in order for them to grow.  Once or twice a week is fine.  By the way, stop worrying and thinking that you will get bulky or ‘look like a man’, muscle takes up less space than fat so lifting weights will make your butt look smaller yet tighter 🙂

How many reps should I do?

So many women think that they should do light weight and high reps as they fear that they will ‘look like a man’ or ‘get bulky’ (my ultimate pet peeve comment btw).  If your goal is to build more muscle, then you are WRONG!  It’s best to go at a higher intensity and lift heavier weights, doing 8-15 reps.  If you don’t increase your weights, you WILL plateau, so go ahead kick it up a notch!

I hope that this has answered some of your questions and gives you some direction for the next time you attempt to train your butt!

Here is a pic of my butt at it’s peak (haha) on stage for my first ever figure competition in April 2009.  You don’t have to go this extreme to get a sweet butt but consider this some inspiration…this body was made possible after working out 3-4 days a week with a trainer for over 1 year, following a VERY strict high fat, high protein diet, no cheating or drinking alcohol for 8 months, and doing lots and lots of cardio….

So what are your favourite glute/butt exercises?? Any tips you’d care to share??

I am really looking forward to attending the WBFF Quebec Championships tomorrow.  Can’t wait to see Jamie (check out her amazing blog), Nate, Laura and Anne (clients from LC Fitness Studio) step on stage for the first time.  It has been quite the journey and transformation for all of the competitors.  Time to celebrate, enjoy the experience and strut your stuff! 🙂  All of their hard work has paid off and they are in the best shape of their lives!  Tickets are still available so if you’re looking for something to do tomorrow night check out the show at the Casino du Lac-Leamy.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Check out this butt…

Les 🙂


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  1. Joe says:

    Thats Awesome ! You look amazing

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