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My NEW favourite breakfast recipe…

CREPES!!!  Thanks to Honore Levesque for this recipe… It is so quick and easy not to mention good for you!

I look forward to my breakfast even more now! Give this a try…

Healthy Protein Crepes View photo.JPG in slide show

Put the following ingredients into a blender or Magic Bullet:

1/2 cup of egg whites

1/4 cup oatmeal

1/4 cup unsweetened apple sauce

1 tsp all natural/organic vanilla

1/2 tsp cinnamon

Blend for 30-60 secs.  Divide the batter in half.  Pour half of the mixture into a pan (spray lightly with extra virgin olive oil before) on med-med high heat.  Flip and cook both sides (it doesn’t take long).  Then spread 1/2 tbsp of almond butter (or all natural peanut butter) on each crepe.  Roll it up if you wish.  Eat with a cup of green tea and a glass of water!  What a perfect start to your day!  Who ever said eating healthy doesn’t taste delicious??  Try and this recipe and let me know what you think.  (PS the pics are flipped the wrong way but wasn’t sure how to get them the right way OOPS!)

View photo.JPG in slide show

No excuses for not having enough time to make breakfast, wake up 15 minutes earlier and you’ll have lots of time to make and enjoy these yummy crepes…not to mention kick start your metabolism!

I almost forgot!! Thanks so much to those of you who have been following my blog.  Today my blog hit over 10,000 views since the I started in mid-October.  AMAZING!  Couldn’t have done it without your support…you guys rock!  I hope that you continue to visit and read my blog as well as mentioning it to others!!  I appreciate any feedback and suggestions as well so keep them comin’!

Les 🙂


Do you suffer from butt envy?!

How many of you can’t leave the house without checking yourself out in the mirror? Come on be honest!  Now ladies, where is the last place you look before heading out the door? Lemme guess….your butt???  You know what I’m talking about, the little glance over the shoulder to make sure it looks just right in your pants?  HAha! Why is is that we are so obsessed with our butt (and what man doesn’t admire a great butt on a woman)??  So many people I have run into or consulted with are always wanting to know how they can get the ‘perfect butt’ (whatever that is!)  yet many people never train their butt properly!  I have been helping my clients (males and females) for the past 4 years build the “butt of their dreams” (haha) not only because it looks good but because it will take the pressure of their back and helps improve posture 🙂 So no more if’s, and’s or butt’s 😉

Here are some common questions that people have been asking about the secrets to a great butt…

What are the best exercises for training your butt?

SQUATS! And there are many kinds!! Sumo squats, wide-stance squats, closed-stance squats, one-legged squats, lunges, just to name a few.  The key to getting the most out of these exercises is to squeeze your butt as you come back to the top of the exercise.  If you are having a hard time doing this, you can practice squeezing your butt while you are reading this (try it) or while waiting in line in the grocery store.  Most people are very weak when it comes to activating their glutes, since they spend most of their time sitting on it, but practice (and help from a trainer) will help solve this problem!

What’s the best cardio for your butt?

If you’re trying to get fat off your butt, doing cardio will help you to reduce the fat but if you have less muscle then fat you will be left with a flat butt or DGS as my brother in law calls it (diminished gluteal syndrome) and no one wants that!  You must focus on building muscle (by lifting weights) while you’re burning fat.  Instead of doing slow and steady cardio, try some high intensity intervals with rests in between (1 min fast, 1 min rest).  In my opinion, choose weights over cardio for a better butt!

Can I change the shape of my butt with what I eat?

OF COURSE!  If you eat too much, your body (butt and hips for women usually) will turn those calories into fat.  Fill up on veggies and cut back on processed foods, sugar, alcohol and limit simple carbs.  If you want more info and help with your diet I would love to help you in planning your meals, please send me an email with your questions:

What if I can’t do squats do to an injury? Are there other exercises I can do?

If you are having problems with knees, low back, etc I also refer my clients to an osteopath or physiotherapist to find out what is the cause of the problem.  Perhaps you have a flexibility problems, a weak core or bad form? Instead of ignoring what hurts and doing something else instead GET A PROFESSIONAL TO DO AN ASSESSMENT!  On the other hand, yes there are many other exercises you can do for your butt that aren’t squats, for example, try doing a plank on your forearms with butt lifts (alternate lifting your leg off the ground while squeezing your butt)…

How often should you train your butt muscles?

How bad do you want them to grow? HAHA There is no reason to train any muscle group everyday, you have to let your muscles recover in order for them to grow.  Once or twice a week is fine.  By the way, stop worrying and thinking that you will get bulky or ‘look like a man’, muscle takes up less space than fat so lifting weights will make your butt look smaller yet tighter 🙂

How many reps should I do?

So many women think that they should do light weight and high reps as they fear that they will ‘look like a man’ or ‘get bulky’ (my ultimate pet peeve comment btw).  If your goal is to build more muscle, then you are WRONG!  It’s best to go at a higher intensity and lift heavier weights, doing 8-15 reps.  If you don’t increase your weights, you WILL plateau, so go ahead kick it up a notch!

I hope that this has answered some of your questions and gives you some direction for the next time you attempt to train your butt!

Here is a pic of my butt at it’s peak (haha) on stage for my first ever figure competition in April 2009.  You don’t have to go this extreme to get a sweet butt but consider this some inspiration…this body was made possible after working out 3-4 days a week with a trainer for over 1 year, following a VERY strict high fat, high protein diet, no cheating or drinking alcohol for 8 months, and doing lots and lots of cardio….

So what are your favourite glute/butt exercises?? Any tips you’d care to share??

I am really looking forward to attending the WBFF Quebec Championships tomorrow.  Can’t wait to see Jamie (check out her amazing blog), Nate, Laura and Anne (clients from LC Fitness Studio) step on stage for the first time.  It has been quite the journey and transformation for all of the competitors.  Time to celebrate, enjoy the experience and strut your stuff! 🙂  All of their hard work has paid off and they are in the best shape of their lives!  Tickets are still available so if you’re looking for something to do tomorrow night check out the show at the Casino du Lac-Leamy.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Check out this butt…

Les 🙂

Life is short, LIVE it up!

It’s a winter wonderland in Ottawa today!  What a sight to wake up to??! Instead of being upset and frustrated about the weather this morning, I chose to be happy and laughed to myself seeing snow in April?! How did you feel when you saw the snow outside this morning?  How did it affect your mood?? I know it won’t last long so that always helps me stay positive! HAHA What’s even better is today my boyfriend is treating me to a day at Le Nordik Spa in Chelsea, QC.  For those of you who have never been YOU MUST go sometime…check out their website for more info…

Now, let’s get down to business…how many of you have you ever felt overwhelmed?  Constantly wishing that your life was different? Do you feel stressed out or frustrated more than you would like to?  I came across this article this morning on my friend’s Facebook and it really resonated with me and thought some of you may appreciate it as well.  A lot of it is similar to the yoga philosophy as it discusses the importance ‘letting go’ of things that are causing us pain and suffering…

Here’s a link to the article–>

Here’s a great quote that is fitting with the theme of today’s post…

“We spend too much time living in the ‘what if’ and need to learn to live in the ‘what is.’” Rev. Leroy Allison

Any thoughts on this subject/article??

Something else to remember…

Enjoy this snowy day…and just like the title of my post says “LIFE IS SHORT, LIVE IT UP”!

Les 🙂

Free yoga anyone???

Another week has just FLOWN by!  WOW!  The end of April is approaching which means summer will be here before we know it!  I am looking forward to some warmer weather, I need to work on my tan…

As many of you know, I recently graduated from the 200 hour Hatha yoga teacher training program at Rama Lotus last Sunday.  So I am looking for some people to teach now!  

Before I decide what time my class will be held I wanted to get an idea of what time is convenient for most people.  I haven’t taught a group yet at the studio where I train (other than my clients one on one) so I’m not sure how many people I can fit in the space but I am guessing at least 10 and up to 15 or 20.  The type of yoga I will be offering will be a 1 hour all levels Hatha yoga class, with some surprises along the way 😉  So whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogi, all are welcome!

Comment below, post on my Facebook or message me with your requests for a class time.  The classes will be held @

LC Fitness Studio

1376 Bank Street (Bank and Ohio Street, just up from Billings Bridge Mall)

Suite B (in the basement) 200

Ottawa, ON

Since I enjoy some long weekends during the summer months the yoga class may not be held EVERY Sunday but I will announce on Facebook and keep you in the loop as to what days I will be offering classes.

So take a look at your schedules and give me an idea of what time you would prefer to do yoga on Sundays.  I appreciate your feedback!


I’m off to Pure Yoga Ottawa now with my most awesome roommate Melissa for a Hot Vinyasa Flow  class @ 12pm.  If you haven’t been to this new hot yoga studio in Westboro you are missing out!!  They have some great specials for new customers…


Les 🙂

Are you a slave to your cravings??

Hello and sorry it has taken me so long to write!  Today was a full day of clients plus grocery shopping and visiting with my boyfriend for a bit too!

What an amazing weekend!  Dave and I were lucky enough to be guests at a perfectly beautiful, very intimate and special wedding for Tess and John on Saturday afternoon/night.  Congrats to you both!!

Then came my yoga teacher graduation!  WOW! What an emotional day!!  Dave said it best as he described the day as one filled with tears, hugs and applause, they pretty much sums it up!  What an amazing program to have graduated from.  I learned more about myself (and yoga of course) than I had ever imagined!  Thanks to the support of my family and friends, Rama Lotus’  instructors and fellow teacher trainers for making my “journey” one of the most memorable and enlightening experiences of my life!  Here is a photo of all the graduates and our amazing teachers!

Now for the actual post about willpower and how to overcome/get rid of cravings when improving your eating habits.  My friend Leanne was my inspiration for this post, the ‘girl with no willpower’ as she refers to herself.  Here is her question…perhaps some of you can relate…

Leanne: “I don’t naturally have the best eating habits and living alone,  I tend to eat whatever’s most convenient…I’ve been doing pretty well at planning my meals out, so that’s not really the problem.  It’s snacking in between!  I have both a sweet tooth and a love for salty snacks…and I’m always craving something sweet (especially after meals) and a piece of fruit just won’t do.  Oh, and to top it all off, I’m a stress eater…the more stressed I get, the worse I eat!  Help!”

Les: “Well Leanne, fear no more! Your problems with snacking and craving sweet/salty treats are very common!  I am sure almost every single one of us has felt this way one time or another!  There a few ways to conquer your cravings.  Here are my suggestions:

1-First of all take a really good look at what you are eating.  Are you getting enough protein? Healthy fats? Complex carbohydrates? What are your emotions while eating?  Many times we think that we’re eating healthy (no junk food, nothing processed etc) but in fact you may be lacking in some very essential macro and micronutrients which will cause you to have cravings as your body is not getting enough of what it needs.  Most people do not eat enough in a day which can lead to cravings.  The best way to track what you are eating is to keep a food journal or better yet take photos of what you are eating! Would you be proud to write down that cupcake or salty snacks that you are about to eat in your food journal? Probably not! Slip ups will happen (we’re human) but be accountable for it and write it down, I bet you will eat less of the bad stuff and more of the good stuff.  Then send a copy of it to me, or better yet, visit a dietician and they will be able to give you more information on what you are missing or what you may be eating too much.  Food journals have been proven to be one of the most effective ways to lose weight! Check out this article that explains why and how to keep a proper food journal

2-Stay hydrated! Most people do not drink enough water.  Believe it or not many times when you think you are hungry or craving a snack you are actually thirsty.  Next time you crave a chocolate bar or handful of chips, try reaching for your water bottle instead, you’ll be surprised how many less unhealthy snacks you will be eating!

3-Wait 15 minutes. When a craving hits, it seems like it takes over your world but it doesn’t last long. Distract yourself for 10-15 minutes by cleaning the house, filing papers, walking your pet, reading a book, calling a friend, or running a fun errand. You´ll feel productive or have some much needed fun and forget all about it.  Sounds tough but try it!

4-Never go too long without eating! Hunger can trigger intense cravings for sugary carbohydrates so eating smaller meals every 3-4 hours is a good way to control cravings and it also prevents overeating.  Planning your meals and eating more often also guarantees that you won’t resort to fast food, vending machine junk, or office muffins/chocolates/donuts when the hunger pangs finally strike.

5-Get your beauty sleep. Sleep deprivation and fatigue often lead to carb cravings because carbs are your body’s number one source of energy. Getting enough sleep or making up for lost sleep with a good nap can prevent serious dips in your energy levels that often lead to cravings.  I can definitely attest to this, if I’m ever sleep deprived all I want to do is eat BAD food!  Don’t forgot the importance of zzzzzzz’s…

6-Exercise it away!  This doesn’t mean you need to do an intense workout but similar to #3, you’ll forget all about it after a brief exercise session.  The other benefit will be how good you’ll feel from all the natural endorphins you produced!

7-Turn off the TV. It is estimated that the average North American watches 15 hours of television per week and are exposed to countless food commercials that can trigger unnecessary food cravings.  Cut back on your t.v. watching and if you can´t cut back then walk out of the room during commercial breaks!!!  

8-Plan a cheat meal!  If you can’t stand the thought of not having any treats during the week then factor them in!  This way you’ll be less tempted to cheat daily if you know you have a planned meal to cheat at the end of the week.  Maybe it works better if you have a 100-300 calorie cheat per day.  You can eat treats in moderation and still lose weight!

9-Brush your teeth or chew gum.  A thorough brushing and flossing distracts you and leaves you with a minty taste in your mouth, one that you won’t want to ruin with the taste of food.  Plus think about how impressed your dentist will be next time you go in for a check-up!?

10-Keep junk food out of the house!! This one works really well for me.  If it’s in the house (ie cookies, chips or candy) I will eat it and uncontrollably (you’re shocked I know!) so I must not even bring it in the house! Think of the saying “Out of sight, out of mind”, if it’s not infront of you, you won’t think about it!  But on those days when all you can think about is oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, maybe go to the store and buy a snack size amount, a little bit won’t kill you!  An even better suggestion is to find a healthier option, for example, if craving something sweet try eating a piece of fruit.  Craving a salty treat? Reach for a dill pickle, it’s crunchy and salty yet less calories and fat than a bag of chips!  These are just a few suggestions, I’m sure you can think of many more!

So Leanne I hope this answers your question!  Now I open the floor to my readers, any other suggestions or tips for my good friend Leanne!? How do you curb your cravings or better yet prevent them from happening!??  Any healthy snacks you suggest for those of us who just have to have a salty/sugary/creamy treat once in awhile?

Next time you feel a craving coming on, hopefully you will remember a few of these tips and will use the tools you learned to help you overcome it!

Good night!

Les 🙂

Tired of having tight shoulders? Read this!

Many of you spend hours sitting at a desk, hunched over in your chair, then you take a break for lunch, sit down again to eat, head back to your desk staring at your computer screen, then after work you walk to your car or bus to sit as you travel home, next stop is your couch (sitting again) to watch tv, etc etc.  So much of the day is spent sitting down!  No wonder our bodies become so inflexible and we learn bad habits (such as slouching) which can lead to tightness in the shoulders and chest, hips and hamstrings and weakness in the upper back, core, low back and glutes.  There are many ways to prevent this from happening but in today’s post I will be sharing with you some stretches for the shoulders (as requested by my cousin Billy!) as many people suffer from tight shoulders.

You may think that you don’t have time to stretch or don’t have enough room in your office or home to stretch but most of these stretches you can do sitting in a chair!  Benefits of stretching the shoulders include increased circulation, range of motion, flexibility, and reduced stress, so what are you waiting for?? Try these stretches at least three times a week, it will only take a few minutes and you can say you did yoga (all these stretches are yoga poses as well!)

Cow Face Pose 

From a comfortable standing or seated position, stretch your arms out shoulder height in a T-shape. Rotate your right hand to face behind you, so that you feel your shoulder joint rotating forward. Reach your right hand behind you, bending at the elbow and finding the middle of your shoulder blades with your palm facing away from you. Now reach your left arm overhead, rotating the palm to face behind you. Bend at your elbow and clasp your right fingertips or hand. If you cannot reach your hand, use a towel or strap so both hands have something to clasp. Release and switch sides.

Eagle Pose

From a comfortable standing or seated position, hold your arms out straight in front of you with your palms facing down. Cross your right arm over your left. Bend both elbows so your fingertips point up and then try to cross your forearms and palms. Lift your elbows up to the height of your shoulders and press your forearms forward so your upper back rounds. Release and switch sides. If your shoulders are too tight to cross forearms and palms, grab for opposite shoulders instead.

Dolphin Pose

This one you will need to get down on your hands and knees but you can modify this stretch by placing your hands on your desk or a table and sticking your butt out and flattening your back, looks something like the photo below….

Starting on your hands and knees, place your elbows on the ground underneath your shoulders. Place your palms together. Tuck your toes under, lifting your knees off the ground. Once your knees are up, begin to push your chest toward your thighs. If your hamstrings are on the tight side, bend your knees to take some of the stretch away from your legs and avoid rounding your back. Try not to let your shoulders push past your elbows. Let your head relax down between your biceps.

Backward Reach 

From a standing position with your feet shoulder distance, interlace your fingers at your low back. Stretch your knuckles down toward the floor, straightening your arms, and then begin to lift your hands away from your lower back. If it is hard to interlace your fingers, grab a strap or towel with both hands, keeping your hands shoulder distance. If you would like to deepen the stretch, close your palms together with your fingers interlaced and fold forward over your legs.  Obviously we all aren’t this flexible so don’t worry so much about how close your nose is to your knees, instead focus on the stretch in your shoulders and chest, so this is another option…

I checked out this website for detailed descriptions of each stretch…
Read more:


There are many other stretches for the shoulders but I thought I would show you a few simple ones that you can do with little equipment, limited space and in 5 minutes or less.   Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds or 5 deep breaths before moving onto the next one.  Do these stretches at least three times a week for best results.

Any suggestions for shoulder stretches you love (or hate)?  There are some great YouTube videos that will take you through some shoulder and neck stretches you can do at your desk.  Here is one by Rodney Yee (a famous yogi) that I just did and wow what a release! Check it out–>


On a side note, this is my last weekend of yoga teacher training! I can’t believe how fast these last 8 months (or 12 weekends) have flown by!  I feel truly blessed to have been a part of this amazing program and thank all of you who have been so supportive along the way! What a journey and I still can’t believe after this weekend I will be a certified yoga instructor!!??

Stay tuned for information on when and where I will be teaching…

Have a great weekend everyone!

Les 🙂

Dear Blog Readers…

What topics you are interested in learning more about??   Suggestions for future blog posts are welcomed here!  Post a comment below or send me a private message.  Please let me know what I can do to make my blog better 😉

Have a wonderful Easter Monday and hope that many of you get the day off like I do!

I am in Toronto for the day (sadly my sister is at work) then I am heading back to Ottawa this afternoon.

Looking forward to seeing my clients who have had a few days off…I know they are ready for some serious butt-kicking workouts! Holidays are over, time to get back on track everyone!!

Les 🙂

Easter weekend is off to a great start…

Hope that everyone had a GREAT Good Friday!  The families in Southampton definitely did!  My sister and I arrived around 1pm and were greeted by our very excited parents in the driveway 🙂  As soon as we dropped our bags off my mom suggested we go for a family walk.  What a perfect day for a walk through the town- the sun was shining, the temperature was just right,  and it gave us all a chance to catch up!  When we got back it was time to get ready for our guests to arrive.  Everyone brought a dish (or dessert) to share and my mom made the main dish-TACOS (my fave)!  Dessert was homemade lemon upside down cake and date squares, I couldn’t resist, I had to try both!  EEK! Honestly though it was totally worth it!

Dinner was followed by a fun yet competitive game of Rummikub (for those of you who have never played you need to play this game!) and then sat on our big comfy couch to discuss and solve the problems of the world and share some funny stories…

That being said it has been a busy yet relaxing day which is why I haven’t been able to post until now.

Hope that you are all enjoying this long weekend with family, friends, food and hopefully some FITNESS too!  Remember a walk before or after dinner will help offset some of the ‘extra’ calories you may be consuming this weekend.  Just a thought!

I am really excited as I will be leading my friends through a yoga practice tomorrow!  I can’t wait to show them what I have been learning for the last 8 months…it will be fun!

Happy Easter everyone!  Hope the Easter bunny is good to you this year…

Les 🙂

Top 10 Reasons to Exercise Outdoors!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

With the warmer weather just around the corner what better excuse to get outside than to exercise!  Whether it’s taking a walk, going for a run, doing yoga or working out with your trainer DO IT OUTSIDE!  I did my first outdoor training session with my client yesterday and it was so much fun!  In today’s post I have come up with a list of 10 reasons why exercising outside is better than indoors…

1-It’s Free!-AWESOME!

2-No more boring cardio equipment-Instead of slugging away on the treadmill or the elliptical at the gym (*YAWN*) try going for a walk or run outside…you’ll be surprised how quick an hour goes by and it’s a much better workout!

3-Fresh air-Nothing beats the feeling of being outside 🙂

4-Vitamin D-We all know that we don’t get enough of this being stuck inside for most of the day, increase your Vitamin D intake naturally, you’ll feel better (and look better with a healthy tan!)

5-See the sights-There are so many things to see and do (especially in Ottawa), be a tourist a few days a week and get fit at the same time.  

6-Getting social-Sports leagues and teams are starting up soon so why not sign up for fun with your friends or make some new friends? OSP, OSSC, and City of Ottawa have some great programs that offer a wide variety of sports to choose from.

7-Fewer excuses-All it takes is getting dressed, tying up your shoes and walking out the front door…no excuse for missing your outdoor workout!

8-Doing something different boosts results-Doing the same routine at the gym everyday gets boring and becomes easy so changing your workout (taking it outdoors) will be a shock to your body which will eventually lead to positive changes in your body.  Check out this website for ideas on how to use a playground swing to workout! I’m definitely going to try this!

9-The options are endless-As you may have noticed from number 8 (swing workouts!?) there are many different ways to use your body and the equipment available outdoors.  Some suggestions are: stair climbing, hiking, inline skating, boot camps, cycling, running, yoga/pilates, outdoor plyometrics, team sports, body weight training, golfing, tennis, walking…the list goes on!

10-It’s way more fun-Obviously!! Any of my clients who have been lucky enough to train outdoors with me can vouch for me on this one.

Hopefully this post will inspire you to get outdoors and train at least once  a week.  Next week I will be posting videos (hopefully) of some exercises you can do outdoors with a resistance band so stayed tuned…but for now here is a picture I found on the internet of an exercise you can do using a park bench….lunges are my FAVOURITE lower body exercise…do 3 sets of 12-15 and you’ll know why I love these! 😉

Les 🙂


My Mom’s H.S.D. (healthy, simple and delicious) Pork Tenderloin Recipe

Isn’t she beautiful?!  I love my mom and had the pleasure of hosting her at my place in Ottawa last week (as many of you know if you read my blog last week!)  My mom is the BEST cook I know and not only because her meals are delicious but very healthy!  She cooked for Dave, Melissa (my roommate) and I last Monday and OMG IT WAS SOO GOOD!  She would say “Oh come on, it’s sooo easy…all you have to do is….blah blah blah” but she truly has a gift! For our meal she cooked butternut squash in the oven (cut in quarters which was challenging as she had to battle with the knife and the squash on my kitchen floor to cut it open!), steamed asparagus, and PORK TENDERLOIN!!  I don’t know what it is about the way my mom cooks meat compared to when I cook it but I can never get it to taste as good as hers.  She also gave me a great tip for saving money on meat…check the flyers for the grocery stores every week and to find meat on sale (DUH! Why didn’t I think of that?)  How many of you knew pork tenderloin was on sale last week on Independent? My mom did!



Anyway, here are the instructions for cooking the meat (according to Mom).  Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  Sprinkle a bit of olive olive over the pork tenderloin then sprinkle the meat with Pork Seasoning (Club House “La Grille” brand).  Cook the meat in the oven for about 1 hour or until the internal temperature (using a meat thermometer) says 160 degrees.  Take it out and allow the meat to rest (haha) for a few minutes.  Then slice into pork into medallions and enjoy as is with cooked squash and vegetables (like we did), over a bed or brown rice, quinoa or salad (as you’ll see below).  Since my mom is a planner she cooked lots of extra pork so we could have leftovers (lucky Dave got to have some too!) and made a salad for lunch the next day.  Best idea ever (and one I need to do more often) is to cook extra at dinner so you will have food for lunch and maybe enough for dinner the next day which saves time and energy!

Here are the ingredients to make this delicious salad:

A few handfuls of spinach/romaine mixed

4-6 oz of chopped up (left over) pork tenderloin

Handful of chopped apple (my mom’s favourite, honey crisp!)

Handful of chopped walnuts or any other nuts you like

Sprinkle of dried cranberries

1-2 tsp of feta cheese

Handful of chopped cucumbers, celery, carrots (if you wish)

Drizzle some homemade dressing on top (i.e., equal parts of balsamic vinegar, organic all natural maple syrup, extra virgin olive oil, pepper and sea salt to taste)


Thank for you again mom, hope you enjoy today’s blog post (and that you don’t mind that your picture is on my blog?!)!!

Can’t wait for more yummy mommy meals this weekend as I will be going home for Easter!

Anyone else have any healthy pork tenderloin recipes they would like to share???

Les 🙂