When’s the last time you went for a massage???

Also, when is the last time you took a day or week off from the gym?  If you can’t remember it may be best for you to take a break and book a massage!

Getting caught up in the daily grind (work and/exercise) is very easy!  Personally I have a hard time NOT pushing myself in my workouts and runs that sometimes I forget to rest and give my body a much needed BREAK!  I learned this the hard way when I went for a massage today (thanks to my wonderful client Liane!)  As he was working on my legs and listening to me moaning in pain (my calves and hamstrings especially) he kept saying “WOW, there is a LOT of congestion in your muscles” which pretty much means I am FULL OF KNOTS.  So even with all the Chirunning and yoga I am doing my body has become extremely tight and is full of adhesions or knots.  Running 27km yesterday probably didn’t help my issue but nevertheless, it made me realize that I need to really make more of an effort to take care of my body by getting treatments at LEAST once a month, instead of waiting to go when something really hurts.  That way I can work at my full potential and prevent myself from becoming badly injured and not able to exercise at all (how depressing that would be!)  I am definitely going to go for another massage a few days before my race at the end of the month…

Just thought I would share my experience with you.  I spend many hours helping other people (which I LOVE!) that I often forget to help myself!  Having a painful massage today was a lesson for me 🙂  It is time for me to start taking my own advice!

Feel free to share you story or maybe recommend your favourite massage therapist?  I am still trying to find a really good one.  Is there anyone out there who doesn’t LOVE a good deep tissue massage?? HAHA Maybe not DURING the massage but definitely after 🙂

Enjoy this BEAUTIFUL sunny day!
Les 🙂

4 thoughts on “When’s the last time you went for a massage???

  1. Andrea says:

    Hey! Where did you go for your massage?? My legs/hamstrings have been killing me since last weekend:). A bit better each day…but am hobbling around first thing in the morning!

    • Holtz Spa for a sports massage (I had a gift card!) I saw Daryl (I think) but another great RMT is Mike Mah who works at Ottawa Osteopathy and Sports Therapy clinic at Bank and Riverside 613 521 3222 🙂

  2. Andrea says:

    Thank you! Jenn has given me a name for a massage therapist too. Will check them all out and see when I can get in.
    Enjoy your weekend!

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