Nike said it best, when it comes to working out, going for a run, heading to a yoga class, don’t think about it JUST DO IT!


I had to make myself JUST DO IT yesterday when I was getting ready for my long run (24 km).  It wasn’t something I was looking forward to by any means (as much as I love running) but I got up early, fueled up with my famous Scottish oats with walnuts, almond milk, maple syrup and cinnamon, a few egg whites and a banana, got dressed and was out the door!  The first 10, 20, 30 minutes was BRUTAL and I kept asking myself “Why am I doing this?” “What is this so hard?” and “Seriously? 24 km?!” but as soon as I hit the 10km mark I got my second wind! If I had listened to my negative thoughts I would have stopped early but I was actually just warming up!  What motivated me even more is when an older man (and a complete stranger) said to me as I ran by “what a great way to keep fit eh??” and it immediately brought a smile to my face and my pace picked up and my run became automatically easier.  Funny how something so simple (yet true) could influence my run and make my day!  Thanks to that man for helping me finish my run!

So what is the point of my story??  Well, I’m sure you can think of many times when you’ve wanted to go to the gym, a run or a yoga class but found some excuse not to go.  Then you felt bad after or wish you would’ve went.  Instead of constantly saying “I should have done this” or “I would have gone but” drop the excuses and JUST DO IT!  The hardest part is GETTING there but I am sure once you are THERE and START your workout (usually after 10 minutes of starting) you have no problem finishing and feel much better afterwards.

Also, try giving someone a compliment or encouraging someone who looks like they are struggling or telling someone “good job” could make a huge difference and possibly make their day, even if you have never met them before!  Be kind to others just for the heck of it!  It feels good and makes someone else smile 🙂  Who knows you may have someone do the same for you one day…

I would love to hear how you motivate yourself to workout on the days you don’t feel like going.  Tips anyone would like to share??

Les 🙂


2 thoughts on “JUST DO IT!

  1. Dave says:

    Awesome post babe!

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