February yoga challenge almost complete!

I committed to doing yoga everyday for the month of February and I am happy to say that I am 24 for 24 so far and I plan on keeping this up from now on!  What a difference doing yoga everyday makes!  Not only do I feel my flexibility improving but I feel more grounded, calm, and I find I take time to enjoy everything around me and am better at paying attention to what is happening inside my mind and body.  Some of you are probably thinking “OK what has happened to Leslie, she’s gone all cookoo on us” but honestly yoga does wonders for my (and everyone’s) emotional and spiritual self and it has brought me a sense of calmness and clarity.

When I used to go to yoga classes I would go for a workout and found that I would compete with myself or compare myself to others in the class.  I also remember not being able to clear my mind or focus in any of the postures (even in savasana or corpse pose!), as I was more concerned about “doing them right” and my mind would be racing thinking about the millions of things I had to do.  Now it’s totally different.  Whether I practice yoga in my room for 20 minutes or do a 90 minute class, I become so connected to my mind, body and am very conscious of my breath that it becomes a meditative practice which I LOVE!!  I have learned that yoga is not just about the postures but about connecting the mind and body and focusing your attention inwards which can be applied to life off the mat as well.

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts on why you do yoga.  If you started a challenge at the beginning of the month how’s it going?  If you weren’t spot on (did it everyday) give yourself a pat on the back because any day that you did what you set out to do is wonderful.  I plan on continuing to do yoga everyday as I look forward to it and feel amazing afterwards (plus I am supposed to do yoga everyday since I am a yoga teacher trainee!!)

Have a wonderful weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed that we don’t get all the snow that is expected (unless you like snow of course)!

Les 🙂

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