What I REALLY do!

In case you haven’t seen this already I thought you would enjoy this…


…funny but somewhat true!! I think that my clients would agree that a bit of everything mentioned above takes place during our sessions!

Hope you are all recovered from your Valentine’s Day food/wine/chocolate hangovers…what did you do to work off all the chocolate and candy you ate last night??  You’ve still got lots of time left to get a workout in…

Try this simple workout at home if you don’t have a chance to make it to the gym…I am about to start this workout myself as soon as I post this!  I had a few clients today, plus errands to run and then I was busy cooking in the kitchen for the last few hours and have some more work to get done before dinner time but NO EXCUSES!! (I went to Nigel’s amazing yoga class during lunchtime at GoodLife but that wasn’t enough for me ;))

Walk/run stairs 3-5 minutes to warmup ( OR 10-15 burpees, your choice!)

Perform 2-3 sets of each exercise with minimal rest in between

Full squats 20-30

Pushups 10-15 (on your toes or knees)

Alternating Lunges 15-20 per leg

Jump Squats 20

Tricep Dips (use a chair) 15-20

Lying Leg Raises 15-20 (both legs)

Full sit ups (all the way up and all the way down) 15-20

Jumping Jacks 30

Plank 30-60 secs 

Good luck!!

-Les 🙂




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