I may be repeating myself but…

…I am determined to help as many people as I can reach their fitness goals (or any other goals you may have!)

Some of you (I know who you are!) are already fitness fanatics like me but there are still a few out there who are having a hard time getting up off the couch and sticking to a training regiment  So here are some more great tips (some you may have heard/read before in previous posts) to ensure you consistly get to the gym (or yoga studio or out for a run) at LEAST 3 times a week!

1. Schedule your workouts-make a point to WRITE DOWN in your planner or on a calendar the days you will be working out and even record specifically WHAT your workout will be…always remember this –>if you fail to plan you will plan to fail (or something like that haha) 

2. Set a specific goal-Choose a date that you would like to look your best (a wedding, graduation, vacation, family reunion etc) or choose a race you have always wanted to do!  Having a specific date to work towards is a great way to stay motivated and will keep you on track with your workouts!

3. Find a friend-We all have so many friends (according to Facebook lol) so why not schedule some time during the week to meet up with your friends for a workout, go to a yoga class together or schedule a run before or after work.  It makes exercising so much fun!

4. Use your weekends to get in some extra workouts-I know that the first thing we all want to do on the weekend (for those of us who are lucky enough not to have to work on the wknd) is to RELAX which means we sit on our butts, drink wine, eat pizza, watch tv (this may be an exaggeration) and do nothing for 2 days and I am not saying there is anything wrong with this.  BUT your butt (haha) and the rest of your body will thank you if you decide that you will just spend just 1 hour out of the 24 hours that make up your Saturday or Sunday to commit to exercising.  The extra calories you burn will pay off and being active an extra couple of days a week will mentally and physically encourage you to keep forging ahead!  (Does this make sense?!)

5. Get a personal trainer-’nuff said…you know where I work and how to contact me 😉  Working out with a personal trainer is not only fun and the best investment you can make in your health but it will get your results 80% faster than working out on your own as you will be held ACCOUNTABLE for reaching your goals and making sure you get your workouts in and you will have endless support that will lead you to a new and improved lifestyle!  Check out my website to read a few of my clients’ testimonials and how personal training changed their lives (I will be posting my clients Allan and Chris’ stories this week so stayed tuned and keep checking out my website for updated testimonials!) 

6. BE PATIENT!! Keep in mind that achieving your goals, i.e., getting those lean arms, abs and legs you’ve always wanted, improving your flexibility, or being able to run for 30 minutes without stopping takes time!  Especially for those of you who are new to exercise, think about how long you were inactive and lived an unhealthy lifestyle, it is going to take at least that many years to adopt new habits and for your body to change.   Even some of my clients who see me 3 times a week took at least 6 months and sometimes more than 1 year to see results and transformed their life once they realized that this it was an ongoing process.  There are even things that I need to remind myself of every day to ensure that I am staying on track with my fitness goals.

7. Surround yourself with positive people-I am sure they are many other people in your life or maybe who you haven’t met yet who are trying to get in better shape, lose weight, learn to run, start doing yoga etc.  Don’t be shy in sharing your goals and be sure to let other people know what you are trying to achieve and you would be surprised with the responses and support you will get from people who are doing the same thing and are right there with you or have been through similar struggles.  On the other hand try to separate yourself from people who I call ‘sabotagers’-these are the people that give you a hard time for trying to improve your lifestyle and want to bring you down with them (for example-When I decided to stop partying and drinking a lot people would say things like “You’re no fun anymore, come on live a little” or “I like the old Leslie” Obviously this didn’t phase me as I didn’t listen to them, focused on what was important to me (reaching my fitness goals and losing weight) and I am much happier (and healthier) because of it!)

If you agree with what my tips I would love to hear from you!  What works for you?? How do you get yourself to the gym on a regular basis??

I am heading over to the studio I now work and train at  LC Fitness Studio for a workout right now!  Time to get my swole on! haha

I am also going to try my first yoga class (with my friend Corinne) at the Athletic Club.  I have heard so many great things about the yoga classes at this place.  I will let you know if I liked it or not in Friday’s post 😉

Until next time…

Les 🙂

3 thoughts on “I may be repeating myself but…

  1. ChrisG says:

    Great Post, Every single one of those suggestions is super important. If I miss even one workout I can always trace it back to one of these fundamentals!

  2. So true!! To all of it!!! For me, it’s just making exercise a part of your everyday. You wouldn’t go through a day without brushing your teeth, right? (Please say no!) So it’s just a matter of telling yourself it’s not an option, or a chore, or thing on the “To Do” list… it has to be something you just do every day because that’s what you do!

    That’s what works for me anyways lol. And seeing friends at the gym 🙂

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