Fun ways to be active EVERYDAY!

Before I begin today’s post let me congratulate all of you who are doing a 30 day challenge!! You are more than halfway there!  Hope that you are enjoying yourselves as much as I am!  Doing yoga and running (just about) everyday has worked wonders for my mind and body!  With less than two weeks left you should be planning what your next 30 day challenge will be…I am going to get 8 hours of sleep for 30 days, I am looking forward to it already!  What’s your next challenge?

Now, back to business!!  How many of you are really good about working out 3 days a week?  AWESOME! I am happy you are consistently going to the gym (hopefully to lift weights most of the time).  However we all now there is more to exercise than lifting weights, plugging away on the old dreaded cardio machines or running outside SO I thought I would provide you with some FUN ways to become more active.  We spend so many hours sitting at our desk, in the car or on the bus and sleeping in our comfortable beds that it becomes so important to spend AT LEAST 1 hour a day being physically active.  This video may inspire you as well

I am sure you already know the health benefits of a more active lifestyle right???

Check out this link for a few reminders–>

10 fun (and simple) ways to be active everyday…

1-Chase your kids (or pets!) around the house or in the yard

2-Turn up the music and dance around your living room (come on I know some of you do this already!) 

3-Listen to music while doing your chores around the house (makes doing chores so much more fun and gets your heart rate up!)

4-Try swimming! An amazing full body workout and great cardio too!  I joined a master’s swim club for a few months in the fall and WOW what a workout!  Swimmers are incredible athletes!

5-Go for a walk (or run) with a friend-I have had some of the best conversations while running or walking with a friend or my boyfriend plus time flies when you have a friend to talk and walk with!

6-Go to a yoga class or any other fitness class 

7-Go for a bike ride-tough for us Canadians in the winter but for those of you in warmer climates-ride on!

8-Take some dance lessons with a friend or your partner-another great way to spend some one on one time with a close friend or significant other and a fun way to get exercise!

9-Join a recreational sports league-super fun and another great way to spend time with your friends or make new ones!

10-Go for a hike-check out your local parks and/or trails and enjoy the wonderful outdoors! 

As always I would love to hear what activities YOU love to do on your days off from the gym.  Share your tips!

No matter what you do the key is to find something you enjoy so you’ll stick with it!

And to end today’s post I thought I would leave you with these motivational quotes…

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.”
– Charles Buxton

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”
– Mark Twain

So get out there and get moving today!

Les 🙂


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