Find a fitness friend!

The more the merrier!!  I was inspired to write this post after my AWESOME  workout with Lucas and Honore yesterday at our new location on Bank Street.  Here’s what we did…







WARMUP: 3 minutes of battling rope drills…insane workout!! And it doesn’t take long!  My biceps are still burning haha


3 sets of each exercise

7-10 reps (increasing strength/size)

1-2 minute rest between sets


Incline Dumbbell Chest Press

Flat Dumbbell Chest Press

Incline Dumbbell fly/halfway Around the World combo (really burns the chest!)


Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Bent Over Lateral Raise


Dumbbell Skull Crushers (neutral grip/palms facing each other)

Tricep extension (straight bar-palms down)

Supinated (palm up) single arm cable tricep extension (burns!!)

The three of us did this together (took turns for each set) and had a blast!  I felt like I worked so much harder and really pushed myself as I had them watching me!!  I don’t know about those guys but I am sooo sore today!! OUCH!!!

So if you are having a tough time getting to the gym, schedule a workout with a friend!  This will make sure you don’t miss a workout.  And what’s better than having someone there to encourage you to finish those last few reps?!

If you don’t have any friends who like to workout, hire a personal trainer!  This is a great option in order to guarantee you get to the gym and you will get results 80% faster than working out on your own!  Don’t believe me?? Ask my clients!!testimonials

Not only will having a workout partner ensure you don’t miss a workout or motivate you to work harder in the gym but it is so much fun!!  I highly recommend it!

(Shout out to my workout partner from Rideau Goodlife…miss you Courtney!!)

Next time you want to meet up with a friend for coffee, lunch, a movie (or heaven forbid, a pint!) how about you coordinate to meet at the gym instead???  Or maybe schedule a run date??  Just an idea 😉  You will thank each other afterwards!

Les 🙂



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