Some tips on balancing your blood sugar (From Living the GoodLife blog)

Less than 1 week till Christmas!  Hopefully most of you are all ready with gifts wrapped, menus planned, schedules coordinated for visiting friends and family and outfits picked out 🙂  With so much to do over the holidays sometimes we forget to (or choose not to) do important things like EATING PROPERLY!  It is so easy to skip meals and save up for the BIG Christmas dinner but that the WORST thing you could do for your metabolism and blood sugar levels.  For all of you trying to lose weight it is very important to eat in a way that creates balance in your body so that you will be free from food cravings (and obsessions).  When you are in a state of equilibrium, you will feel satisfied with the food you eat, and you will eat as a way to satisfy physical hunger and keep your blood sugar stabilized rather than simply due to appetite (or what looks/smells good).  You can keep your blood sugar steady by including high-quality protein (for most of us, this has to be animal protein to cure cravings), healthy fats such as olive oil, water-rich food such as vegetables, and complex carbohydrate, in your meals.  The body always seeks equilibrium.  However, when we are out of balance, we just keep craving more carbs in a confused attempt to self-correct. The more simple carbs we eat (white sugar, bread, pasta, etc.), the more out-of-balance we become.

Here is an easy read (re-emphasizing everything you already know of course) but a good reminder especially around this time of year.  With it being my last week at GoodLife I thought I would share this as I found it on  the GoodLife Fitness blog…

5 tips to balance your blood sugar

Here are some tips to help you control your blood sugar – avoid the ups and downs!

  1. Eat every 3-5 hours. No matter how healthy your previous snack or meal was, if you go longer than 5 hrs without eating, your blood sugar will crash and so will your energy.
  2. Every time you eat, the snack or meal should contain a source of protein. Protein slows down digestion and prevents your blood sugars from spiking and then crashing. 5-8g of protein is a good minimum target. Example: spread some peanut/almond butter on your banana. Have a small piece of cheese with your apple. Pair your fruit with yogurt. Have some hummus with your raw veggies.
  3. Fiber helps to control blood sugar by slowing down digestion. High fiber foods will keep you fuller longer.  Examples of high fiber foods are: high fiber cereals and breads, legumes such as edamane (soy beans), chick peas, black beans, lentils etc. Some fruits also have higher fiber such as pears, apples and raspberries. Try adding ground flax seeds, wheat germ or oat bran to your yogurt, salads or smoothies.
  4. Choose less processed foods. The more basic, the better. Regular converted rice or brown rice will affect your blood sugars a lot less than minute rice. Large flake oats/oatmeal will affect your blood sugars a lot less than processed quick oats.
  5. Never eat carbohydrates on their own – even healthy ones. Carbs are digested easily and as such, can elevate your blood sugars quickly and then cause a crash. Can you remember a time when you ate an apple as a snack and then 10min later felt MORE hungry? Add mentioned above, add a protein!

So can you commit to doing this starting today??  The sooner you start eating this way the less weight you will have to lose after Christmas!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to lose weight over the holidays??  Be conscious of what you put in your mouth and when and you will be free from cravings!!!  But don’t forget that have fun and enjoy some home-cooked meals and baked goods (I know I will!) BUT in moderation of course…

Have  a wonderful Monday everyone!!

Les 🙂

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