The Risk to Bloom

Every weekend at the beginning of our yoga teacher training someone from the class volunteers to do a reading from a book (I can’t remember the name of it).  Last weekend I volunteered and came up to the front of the class, opened the book to a random page and this is the reading I came too.  I found it quite a coincidence as I had made the decision to ‘take the plunge’ and start my own business.  It was almost as though the reading chose me 🙂  Ask anyone who was there and they would tell you I was very ‘moved’ by it 😉  Maybe some of you can relate…

The Risk to Bloom

And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk to bloom. -Anais Nin

We all face this turning point repeatedly; when resisting the flow of inner events suddenly feels for hurtful than leaping towards the unknown.  Yet no one can tell us when to leap.  There is no authority to bless our need to enter life but the God within.

How often we thwart ourselves by holding tenaciously to what is familiar.  It is instructive, if chilling, that in floral shops the roses that won’t open are called bullets.  They are discarded because they will never bloom.  They have turned in on themselves so tightly that they can never release their fragrance.

Yet as spirits in bodily form, we have the chance to tighten and bloom more than once.  But even spirits, if turned in on themselves enough, may grow accustomed to being closed.  Unlike roses, however, the human chamber can be shut down for years, and still, it takes but one breath from the true center and we will flower.

It has always amazed and humbled me how the risk to bloom can seem so insurmountable beforehand and so inevitably freeing once the threshold of suffering is crossed.

I have a friend in recovery, and when asked what made him stop drinking, he says, “The pain of drinking became greater than the pain of not drinking.”  The same can be said for us all.  We can flower in an instant, as soon as the pain of not flowering and not loving become greater than our fear.


Wow!  It is so true!!

What scares you most about being who you in the world are or doing what you really want to do??

I have read this so many times.  I need to get my hands on this book.  Once I figure out the title I will share it with you!  You don’t have to be a yogi/yogini to appreciate this, this is life!!  I am learning so much more through this yoga teacher training than I ever expected!  Not only do we learn the postures and how to be an excellent yoga teacher, I am also discovering a lot about myself and how yoga relates to life!

Any thoughts or reflections?

Les 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Risk to Bloom

  1. Dave Ess says:

    Well put babe!

  2. Liza says:

    Leslie, I can see why you would have had an emotional response to this reading…how true it is. How wonderful that you have the courage to to bloom. We are so proud of you!!!

  3. Crystal says:

    I love it Leslie! I definitely understand how powerful this reading would be in your life right now! I think it’s interesting how this idea is kind of something that is ongoing in our lives as well. We are continuously faced with new challenges in our lives, it now we chose to get through them and grow from the experience that matters most. One day I will take the leap that you are taking and I know it will be the greatest thing I will ever do…now it’s just convince myself to bloom!!!

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