Gift ideas for fitness enthusiasts

It is that time of year again-yep, crunch time for Christmas shopping!  I really need to get started on mine.   Keeping with the theme of fitness and working out (since it is Wednesday’s post!) I thought I would share with you some tips and ideas for buying gifts for those people on your list who are crazy about their health and fitness!

I love “Top Ten” lists so here we go…

1. Personal training sessions- It could be a bit awkward if you get these for someone who YOU wish would get in better but if the person has expressed interest in personal training before what  a great way to get them started.  I know of a trainer who could help you out with this 😉 Send me an email if you’re interested–>

2. Gift card to LuluLemon/Sports Chek/Sports Experts etc-If  you are struggling to pick out the perfect gift let them choose their own!  I LOVE getting gift cards to these stores! (hint hint)

3. A gym membership-Yep they will love you for this.  Maybe even look into paying for a month or two of their membership  to give them a break from paying their monthly fees 🙂

4.Yoga classes-There are soooo many yoga studios around now, find the one closest to where they live/work and surprise them with the gift of pure bliss and ohmmmm my gosh they will love you! Prices range from 15-20  dollars a class.  My ultimate favourite studio is Rama Lotus (on Gladstone at Bank St) of course if you are unsure where to go 🙂

5. Equipment/videos they can use at home-I just checked out Winners, Canadian Tire, Walmart and Chapters and they have TONS of different boxed sets that come with DVD’s, various resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells etc for very reasonable prices.

6. A yoga kit-Comes with a yoga mat, strap, block and DVD (if you’re lucky).  Also can find this at the stores I mentioned above.

7. A water bottle (BPA free), workout towel and/or new socks-It is not very often that we (fitness fanatics) treat ourselves to a new water bottle, towel or socks (I am speaking from experience!)

8. TRX Suspension Training- If you have friends or family who love to try new and challenging workouts, the TRX Suspension System offers just that.  This network of straps connects to a door or ceiling (with an anchor) and allows the exerciser to leverage his own body weight for a variety of strength, endurance and power exercises.  What’s great about the TRX is that it’s different, it allows you to work your body with very little equipment and you can take it anywhere.  It’s a bit pricey (the basic package is $189.95), but the package comes with everything you need – The strap system, a wall/ceiling anchor and a variety of videos.  There’s also a package with the door anchor included ($199.95), which is more travel friendly.

9. Heart rate monitor- Great for any exerciser who wants to get the best out of their workouts.  For the person who likes track their pace, location, speed etc they have GPS watches that they will love or if they’re into counting calories you can find one that will track the calories burned etc

10. Healthy gift basket-You can buy these online at and or make your own! Include things like green tea, a coupon for a workout/run date with you, a session with a personal trainer, dried fruit, nuts, granola, pedometer, fresh fruit, dark chocolate, rice crackers, pretzels, anything else you can think of!

Hope that this has been helpful and gives you some ideas for the person on your list who is hard to buy for 🙂  (Dave I hope you are reading this;))

Les 🙂

P.S.   Remember most people would appreciate your time over any gift you give them!


2 thoughts on “Gift ideas for fitness enthusiasts

  1. Another gift idea I forgot-how bout an iTunes gift card? Great for people who are looking to update their workout playlist on their iPod…

  2. Chris says:

    I’m all for these gifts, don’t forget some of the classic stores like Mountain Equipment or Bushtak.

    When it comes to Water bottles and socks, as much as the classic Christmas gifts may earn a groan from most there is nothing I like better than a clean new set of workout socks in my gym bag.

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