What’s your favourite yoga pose??

One of our homework assignments in yoga teacher training this week is to discover what our favourite (and least favourite) pose is. There are quite a few poses that I enjoy but I can narrow it down to two. I LOVE wide legged standing forward fold (or expanded leg pose=prasaritta padottanasana) and any balancing postures (especially Warrior III=Virabhadrasana III). I could stay in these postures for HOURS and I feel amazing when I come out of it. I have a feeling as I continue deepening my practice through my yoga teacher training my favourite poses may change…guess I will have to wait and see.

Here are photos of my favourite poses in case you didn’t know which ones I was talking about…

As I was researching and digging deeper into why I love these particular poses I came across a website called Gaiam Life and it provided me with some wonderful insight. (Here is the link–>http://life.gaiam.com/article/what-does-your-favorite-yoga-pose-say-about-you) I copy and pasted the article below.

Every yogi, no matter how much or how little experience you have with yoga, has one: one particular pose you love above all others. It’s the pose that feels most like home, and the one you keep wishing the teacher would call out next.

Here’s a guide to what a propensity for a certain yoga pose might have to say about you.

Tree Pose

You’re grounded but you enjoy testing your limits. This is often a favorite pose of newer yogis–it’s a first foray into challenging balancing poses and when you nail it, it feels effortless. If you wobble more than you stand still in this pose, focus on feeling your connection to the earth by rooting down through the big toe mound of your standing foot and the sole of the foot that’s pressing in to your inner thigh. If you’re pretty stable here, prioritize lifting your ribcage and fingertips up as high as you can.


Whether you’re a wheel junkie or just love lying down with your ribcage draped over a rolled up blanket, a propensity toward backbends indicates an open heart, loving nature, and excitement about the future. Be careful that your exuberance doesn’t lead to injury—if your quads, abdomen, chest and shoulders aren’t open in your backbends, you could tweak your back. Translated to daily life, if you aren’t as flexible as you are strong, you could wind up with too much on your shoulders.

Forward bends

Sitting or standing, a love of folding forward indicates that you are introspective and not afraid to let yourself get quiet so you can hear you own thoughts. Forward bending is also associated with looking to the past—be sure you don’t spend so much time folding forward that you forget to be open to the present or anticipate the future.

Revolved standing poses

You’re not afraid to take a bite out of the cookie of life. You’ve got a lot going on, and yet it all seems to work because you know that it takes a delicate balance of hard work and surrender to keep it all together. Just remember to treat yourself to rest and a quiet practice of restorative poses to keep your batteries charged.


You’re interested in building your intuition and learning how to maintain a sense of trust in the face of a scary situation. You’re also not afraid of a challenge. Like handstand fans, you’re open to seeing things from multiple points of view. Your challenge is to learn how to find your center even when your world is turned upside down.


You’re a thrill seeker and yet know how to find balance in the midst of chaos. Or, at least, you’re working your way toward it. You also aren’t afraid to look at things from a different vantage point from the average soul. The trick for you is to balance your exuberance with grace, and to learn how to fall softly for those times when your enthusiasm leads you into a precarious position.

Cobbler’s pose, pigeon pose, and/or split pose

You’re not intimidated by a little discomfort and crave the release that comes from working your edges. You also tolerate emotionally charged situations well – the hips are often storehouses for unprocessed emotions, and many people shy away from these poses because they aren’t comfortable with accessing the hidden feelings they may have. Just remember that boundaries are healthy. You don’t want to overextend yourself, making you either overly vulnerable emotionally or prone to muscle pulls physically.

Corpse pose

You are likely tired, over-scheduled, and craving some profound rest. And what’s so wrong about that? Our society may prize people who can keep up a furious pace, but some part of you knows that there’s a time and a place for stillness, quiet, and reflection. Indulge in a few moments of rest each day, always keeping in mind that the true challenge of the pose is to allow your mind to quiet without falling asleep or planning what you’re going to have for dinner.

Pretty cool stuff! And it makes so much sense! So what is YOUR favourite yoga pose? How does it make you feel physically, emotionally and mentally?

I am finding it quite interesting to find out how much yoga relates to our everyday lives. I can’t wait to find out more about myself through yoga (and you should too!)


Les 🙂


4 thoughts on “What’s your favourite yoga pose??

  1. Wow, so interesting! I love balancing poses because I’m good at them, which makes me feel strong, and because of the state of mind you have to be in to do them (somewhere between total pin-pointed focus, and complete thoughtlessness). I also like any pose that stretches my lower back (forward folds or lying spinal twists) because I carry so much tension in that area; I literally feel energy levels increase in my body the more time I spend in these poses. I want them to do a follow-up article that says what those 3 poses mean!!

  2. I also love balancing poses for the same reasons 🙂 I am going to look deeper into what it means when you love/hate certain poses…check back later!

  3. Annette O'Connor says:

    Agree with Tess that fold over and twists feel great! But my fave is the corpse …guess I spent too much time in anatomy lab when I was young. Cheers annette

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