Want results? Follow a plan!

How many of you have ever heard of periodization? More importantly how many of you switch up your workout on a regular basis?? If not be sure to read on for important information on how to guarantee you get results and avoid plateauing.

Definition of “Periodization”-the manipulation of training variables-weight used, reps completed, exercises selected, rest periods between sets-over a period of days, months or years.

According to Muscle and Fitness HERS, “the original concept was developed…to enhance athletes’ performance in the gym and on playing fields…it allows him or her to peak for competition”.

When I first sit down with a new client we go over a periodized plan…which is a month by month breakdown of their workout program. The key to getting results in the gym is to A) Have a plan B) Push yourself (make your workouts challenging) C) Be consistent with your workouts (at least 3 days a week) D) CHANGE YOUR ROUTINE REGULARLY!

Since training legs is one of the best ways to lose weight/increase your metabolism (and my favourite part of the body to train!)…here is an example of a 4 week Linear Periodization for legs (progressing from light weight doing high reps to heavy weight done for low reps)…

Exercise Sets/Reps Rest
Week 1
Squats 4/12-15 1 min
Dumbbell lunges 4/12-15 1 min
Leg presses 4/12-15 1 min
Leg extensions 4/12-15 1 min
Leg curls 4/12-15 1 min
Week 2
Squats 4/9-11 90-120 sec
Dumbbell lunges 4/9-11 90-120 sec
Leg presses 4/9-11 90-120 sec
Leg extensions 4/9-11 90-120 sec
Leg curls 4/9-11 90-120 sec
Week 3
Squats 4/6-8 2-3 min
Dumbbell lunges 4/6-8 2-3 min
Leg presses 4/6-8 2-3 min
Leg extensions 4/6-8 2-3 min
Leg curls 4/6-8 2-3 min
Week 4
Squats 4/3-5 3 min
Dumbbell lunges 4/3-5 3 min
Leg presses 4/3-5 3 min
Leg extensions 4/3-5 3 min
Leg curls 4/3-5 3 min

Be sure to chose a weight that is challenging and increase the weight every week as you are doing less reps.

Follow this simple leg routine to build stronger, tighter and more athletic legs. I did Week 1’s workout at the gym on Sunday and my legs are STILL sore…that being said I think you should try it 🙂

Check below for photos of the exercises from this workout that most people do incorrectly. Remember it is very important to do your exercise with proper form!!


Dumbbell Lunges

Feel free to send me your favourite leg workout and/or periodization plan! If you have any questions about this workout or the concept of periodization feel free to comment or send me an email.

It is already Wednesday…have you been to the gym yet??

Les 🙂

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