My first post!

Welcome to “Get Fit With Les”.  In the past year I have been told numerous times by my clients and friends that I should start a blog.  I finally did it!

In the upcoming weeks I will be posting advice on how to lose weight through proper nutrition and fun and effective workouts in and outside of the gym.  I will also be updating my progress with yoga teacher training.

Please visit the About Me page to learn more about my background and experience in fitness.  My blog will be updated as follows:

  • Monday: Meal planning and nutrition tips
  • Wednesday: Reviewing effective and fun workouts I have done by myself and have put my clients through
  • Friday: My ongoing experience in yoga teacher training and other yoga related information
Here we go! 🙂

One thought on “My first post!

  1. […] looking back through my old posts and realized that October 22, 2011 was when I wrote my very first post!  Wow over a year of blogging already?? Although I have spent many many hours coming up with ideas […]

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